Destiny 2: How to Get Map Fragments in Season of Plunder

Map Fragments are a critical currency in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. Here's how to get them.

In Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder, Guardians wear a new moniker: pirate. And it wouldn’t be a pirate adventure without treasure hunting and the treasure maps that come with it. To actually collect the booty, you’ll need Map Fragments, one of the currencies introduced with Season 18.

Map Fragments aren’t hard to get, but they aren’t plentiful either. You can only hold a few of them at a time. This guide will cover how to get as many of them as possible.

Where to Get Map Fragments

The only source of Map Fragments during Season of Plunder is the Ketchcrash activity you can launch from the H.E.L.M. Every completion of Ketchcrash awards 10 total Map Fragments. The activity itself takes between six and 10 minutes to complete depending on the makeup of your six-man team and the mechanics of that week’s boss.

We don’t recommend grinding Ketchcrash indefinitely, however. Your Captain’s Atlas, accessible in your Quest tab, can only hold 50 Map Fragments and up to 325 Treasure Coordinates at a time, so you’ll only want to run Ketchcrash around three times before you head into Expeditions to get your hands on some loot.

Sadly, there is no other way of getting this currency in Season of Plunder. Upgrading your Pirate Crew through the Star Chart provides bonuses to using the Treasure Maps you make with Map Fragments and Treasure Coordinates, but you're still limited to how many you can farm through Ketchcrash.

Which upgrades you choose in your Star Chart depends on your goals, especially early in the season. Unlocking the ability to summon crewmates to help with Ketchcrash is a fun way to play early on when you don’t have access to much.

You can also prioritize Focusing armor and weapons or earning extra loot during the activity. For the first few weeks of the season, there aren’t many options, but by the third or fourth week and beyond, where you spend your Star Chart upgrades becomes more about optimizing either the activity grind or the gear acquisition grind.

No matter what path you choose for your Pirate Crew, know that Ketchcrash will always be there with its 10 Map Fragments, waiting to be completed. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides hub, where we’ve covered how to get the Treasure Coordinates discussed here and provided a full walkthrough of the Duality Dungeon.


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Published Aug. 26th 2022

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