Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion — How to Get Magic Pot DMW

Increase your chances of getting the best possible loot by adding Magic Pot to your DMW in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Magic Pot is a special summon in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion that can be added to your DMW, providing you with some excellent loot, including powerful magic materia. But how do you get it in your rotation? 

This guide will provide you with tips on how to get Magic Pot DMW in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Where to Find the Magic Pot DMW

There are a few steps to follow if you want to get the Magic Pot Digital Mind Wave the first time you encounter it in 10-2-3. Everything starts in Chapter 1 with acquiring the right Materia. 

Acquire Magic Materia

You will face Magic Pot several times before you can actually acquire it, and you can't simply defeat it in a fight; Magic Pot has too much HP. But you can cast various types of magic materia to please Magic Pot, "winning" the battle in the process. Here are four types of materia you need to do that:

  • Assault Twister Materia (Automatically at the start of Chapter 1).
  • Jump Materia (6-1-3: Scavenger Hunt).
  • Fira Materia (The Happy Turtle Shop).
  • Gravity Materia (Master Mako Stone Miner Trophy).

Unlock the Tonberry DMW Summon

Before your first encounter with Magic Pot in Chapter 2, you must first unlock and add the Tonberry summon to your DMW. This guarantees that you will gain access to the correct mission, where you can encounter Magic Pot.

To get Tonberry, complete the following missions:

  • 6-1-1: Closed Coal Mines.
  • 6-1-2: Desert Island Delights.
  • 6-1-3: Scavenger Hunt.
  • 6-1-4: In the Depths of the Caverns.
  • 6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns.

At the end of the final mission in the list above, you will encounter Master Tonberry. Once you defeat this boss, the Tonberry summon will be added to your DMW.

Unlock Magic Pot

You can randomly encounter Magic Pot during several missions, but you can't add it to your summons list until the 10-2-3: Master Tonberry mission in Chapter 2. To unlock this mission, complete the following two missions:

  • 10-2-1: Find the Tonberry.
  • 10-2-2: Tonberries Everywhere.

You don't need to fight the chasing Tonberries during mission 10-2-3. Simply run away from them, and Magic Pot will appear on its own.

Also, don't try to fight Magic Pot, but wait for him to ask you to use one of the four magic materias mentioned above. Use these materias one by one, and Magic Pot should be pleased enough to let you add it to your DMW.

If you did not encounter Magic Pot during mission 10-2-3, then here are other possible missions, where you can find the summons later:

  • 2-2-6: World of Monsters.
  • 2-5-4: New Cavern Found.
  • 2-5-5: Another Cavern.
  • 7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter.

Magic Pot Rewards

Magic Pot grants the Item Mugger limit break, which rewards you with loot, depending on the level of your limit break. Here are all rewards granted by Magic Pot's Item Mugger:

  • Level 1: Curaga, Drain, Graviga, Libra.
  • Level 2: Iron Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Carbon Bangle, Platinum Bangle.
  • Level 3: Kaiser Knuckle, Shinra Beta+, Royal Crown, Crystal Orb.
  • Level 4: Elixir 5, Elixir 10, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down 3.
  • Level 5: Ribbon, Gold Bar, Gold Bar 3, Gold Bar 5.

That's everything you need to know on how to get Magic Pot DMW in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, and stay tuned for more related Crisis Core Reunion guides.


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Published Dec. 16th 2022

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