Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Rest Scientists, Remove Unrest

Rest is important for your scientists in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Unrest can lead to sabotage, so here's how to remove it.

Scientists need to rest in Jurassic World Evolution 2. As much as you may like to work them to the bone researching new structures, medicines, and gene mods, or sending them out on expedition after expedition, they need a little R&R to work at their best. If scientists don't get the rest they need, they'll develop high unrest.

What is Unrest in Jurassic World Evolution 2?

As scientists work on various tasks, their unrest meter gradually increases, turning red if it gets too high. To find your roster of scientists, open the Control Room menu and navigate to the Scientists tab just to the left of the Jurassic World database.

This menu is where you'll recruit new scientists and be able to view your current staff, including their assignments, skills, traits, and pay. It's also where you see unrest.

High unrest leads to staff developing the Disgruntled Trait, which decreases effectiveness. Disgruntled scientists can even sabotage your park.

You can see your sabotage risk to the right of the game's speed controls, denoted by a triangle in a bar. You're at the highest risk of sabotage when the meter fills, and it may lower if there's a storm or a dinosaur escapes. 

Pushing a scientist to high unrest doesn't take too much effort, but pushing them so far that they sabotage the park takes quite a bit of work. I overworked scientists for about 20 minutes straight before the first sabotage occured.

When sabotage does happen, the sabotage meter will reset.

How to Rest Scientists & Staff in JWE 2

To rest scientists, you'll need a Staff Center. Only one can be built at a time until you're able to research improvements. It doesn't matter where you build it, but once you do, here's how to rest scientists and remove unrest:

  • Click on your Control Center or the Control Room tab
  • Choose "View Scientists" at the bottom of the Control Center menu or the Scientists tab in the Control Room menu
  • Select a scientist that has high unrest
  • Choose "Rest" at the bottom of the menu beneath their portrait

It costs between $37,000 and $75,000 for each scientist to rest for 2:30. During that time, scientists cannot be used for medical purposes, expeditions, or research, so plan accordingly. 

Resting scientists can also unlock new skills, improving their logistics, genetics, and welfare rating at random. You can also research several upgrade technologies that make the Staff Center more efficient, increase capacity, or improve training. 

  • Efficiency Upgrades: Decrease scientist rest time by 10%
  • Staff Center Cost: Decrease scientist res and training cost by 10%
  • Additional Upgrade Slot: Staff Center +1 upgrade slot

There are other technologies that allow you to better train scientists, as well as increase the number of staff centers you can have at one time.

And that's that on how to rest scientists and remove unrest so they work more efficiently and don't sabotage your park. For more tips, we have a growing guides hub right here!

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Published Nov. 16th 2021

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