Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key Guide

The Skeleton Key in Mario Party Superstars is small but mighty

The Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key is one of the most important items in the game, despite its humble stature and price point. You won’t always need a Skeleton Key, but without fail, you’ll wish you had one when the right moment comes.

Fortunately, Mario Party Superstars is about having fun — when you aren’t betraying your friends — and Skeleton Keys are easy to get.

How to Get Skeleton Key in Mario Party Superstars

You’ll get the Skeleton Key from one of Toad’s Shops on a board space or sometimes as a prize in an Item Space or Lucky Space event. Toad sells them for only three coins apiece, so unless you have something more useful, such as a Golden Pipe or a Boo Bell (and extra coins to spare), it’s worth keeping one on hand.

It’s also better to buy one than it is to steal one with a Plunder Chest. Unless your foes have no other interesting items to speak of, it’s always smarter to go for the valuable items or items that aren’t in Toad’s Shop when you’re pilfering.

What Are Skeleton Keys for in Mario Party Superstars

Skeleton Keys are the only way to open the many locked gates (such as those circled above) you’ll run across on each board. One key works for one gate, or in other words, these are single-use items.

You’ll often find lucky spaces or other desirables behind Skeleton Key doors. These aren’t usually essential, unless you want to land on as many event spaces as possible. 

However, sometimes luck turns against you, and the Star’s new location ends up behind a Skeleton Key gates. Obviously, you need a key to get there or a Golden Pipe, though the pipes are much more expensive.

That’s all you need to know about Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Keys, but make sure to check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Nov. 9th 2021

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