State of Decay 2 Guide: Where to Find Scraps of Circuitry

Looking for scraps of circuitry in State of Decay 2? Here's how to find one of the game's most wanted resources.

If you're wondering how to find scraps of circuitry in State of Decay 2, this guide will show you where to find one of the game's most useful and sought after resources. 

In State of Decay 2, the difference between surviving and permadeath often comes down to your preparedness in its harsh world. Those who keep morale high, supplies abundant, and survivors healthy will thrive, while those who forego sleep, fail to pack for a long trip, and don't scavenge properly will likely see their communities overrun in no time.

As fun as that challenge is, there's a lot to know to stay one step ahead of the undead hordes, so we're here to help. Given the many different kinds of crafting and building supplies you'll need, it can be dizzying to know where to look.

If it's scraps of circuitry you're looking for, use our guide so you know just where to look. 

State of Decay 2: Where to Find Scraps of Circuitry

Like the hundreds of various supplies you can find in State of Decay 2, players looking for scraps of circuitry have the major benefit of the game placing loot where it makes the most sense. 

By that I mean, if you need food, you should check restaurants and kitchens. If you need gas, you should check gas stations. And if you need the highly sought after scraps of circuitry, there are sensible places for that, too.

To find scraps of circuitry, search anywhere there are electrical power boxes and breaker boxes, like at the base of radio towers. Elsewhere, you have a good chance of finding them at any locations that seem like they once served as manufacturing or industrial job sites, like factories and warehouses.

You can sometimes find scraps of circuitry by searching around electronics stores, too. Like other rarer crafting items such as jugs of ethanol, once you start spotting them in these specific places, you'll start to know just what to look for. 

Once you have lots of it, you'll open up the possibilities of what else you can build back at your base. Many major projects, specifically Leader projects, require several scraps of circuitry, so it's vital to make the backpack space for them when found if you plan on sticking with your current playthrough for the long haul. 

That's all on finding scraps of circuitry. Need more State of Decay 2 guides? We've got plenty here to keep your community thriving.


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Published Mar. 18th 2020

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