94% Guide: Answers to levels 1 through 30

Organized and easy-to-use answers to 94% levels 1-30

One of the more popular, yet relatively new, free mobile games, 94% is a trivia game unlike Trivia Crack or Jeopardy. This mobile game is closer to Family Feud & Friends, with a twist or two, and as expected is a challenge for gamers.

This 94% 1-30 level guide is suitable for both Android and iOS gamers.

The levels are random on each device, so search for a question on your current level to use this guide.

Level 1 answers

Things found in a pencil case Pencil, eraser, pen, sharpener, crayons, marker
Fruits with seeds Apple, orange, watermelon, peach, cherry, pear, plum, lemon
Photo: firetruck Fire, hose, water, fireman, truck


Level 2 answers

First thing you do in the morning Breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, wash, toilet, stretch, check phone
Something that requires a ticket Movie, concert, train, bus, plane, parking, game
Photo: chalk on board Chalk, colors, school, board, draw, kid


Level 3 answers

Job you wanted to do when you were a kid Doctor, teacher, police officer, veterinarian, singer, actor, firefighter, astronaut, pilot
It's round Ball, circle, earth, orange, sun, head, moon
Photo: onion Onion, pepper, healthy, cry, cooking


Level 4 answers

Adjective to describe height Tall, short, giant, tiny, huge, small
Things you see in the sky Clouds, planes, birds, sun, stars, moon
Photo: student raising hand School, hand, teacher, answer, student


Level 5 answers

Things that go round Earth, merry-go-round, wheel, ball, roundabout, clock
String instruments Violin, guitar, cello, harp, bass, piano
Photo: handshake Handshake, business, deal, meeting


Level 6 answers

It grows quickly Plant, people, hair, nails, mold
Exotic fruit Pineapple, mango, kiwi, star fruit, banana, papaya, dragon fruit, coconut, guava
Photo: french fries Fries, fast food, salt, fat, potato


Level 7 answers   

It's yellow Banana, sun, flower, duck, lemon, tennis ball, bee, corn
Words used by the weatherman Rain, sun, cloud, hot, storm, cold, wind temperature
Photo: couple wakes up late Alarm, late, time, wake up, bed


Level 8 answers  

I wish my boyfriend/girlfriend was more Loving, funny, outgoing, understanding, sexy, romantic, intelligent, happy, honest
Herbivorous animals Cow, horse, giraffe, deer, sheep, goat, elephant, panda, rabbit
Photo: elephant Elephant, mud, family, water, Africa, trunk, wild


Level 9 answers 

Things you can dilute Juice, water, bleach, alcohol, salt, coffee, acid, sugar
Las Vegas Gambling, casino, money, lights, Nevada, desert, fun
Photo: suitcase and sign Vacation, beach, suitcase, sign, blue, sun


Level 10 answers  

It's sweet Fruit, ice cream, candy, cake, soda, chocolate, sugar, honey
Things associated with Brazil Soccer, beach, Rio, carnival, hot, dancing, women
Photo: spa massage Relax, spa, massage, lotion


Level 11 answers 

Something everyone has played Video games, sports, board games, cards, tag, hide and seek
Parts of a car tire, engine, door, steering wheel, window, bumper, brakes, trunk, hood
Photo: glass of red wine Wine, red, glass, drink, pour, alcohol


Level 12 answers 

Children love it Toys, candy, games, ice cream, animals parents,
Countries involved in World War II Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Soviet Union, Italy, France
Photo: stressed men Stress, work, frustration, anger


Level 13 answers 

It"s red Blood, apple, tomato, Fire truck, stop, strawberry, pepper, rose
It makes you laugh Joke, comedian, friend, clown, tickle, people falling
Photo: pasta macaroni Pasta, tomato, cheese, Italian, fork


Level 14 answers 

It weighs over a ton Building, plane, elephant, car, whale, hippopotamus, boat
Make up Powder, lipstick, mascara, eye, shadow, foundation, eye liner
Photo: pizza Yummy, olive, pizza, cheese pepperoni, Italian


Level 15 answers 

It gets dirty quick Shoes, laundry, house, car, hands, kids, dishes
It's soft Pillow, hair, blanket, cotton, teddy bear, cloud, feather
Photo: a cup of coffee coffee, mug, tea, morning, hot


Level 16 answers  

A dangerous jog Police, firefighter, army, construction, miner, pilot, lion tamer, stuntman, electrician
It makes you happy Food, family, love, animals, friends, sun, money, music, sports
Photo: cheetah Cheetah, fast, spots, wild, Africa


Level 17 answers  

It's itchy Rash, bug bite, wool, clothes, chicken pox, lice
DIY tools Hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, nail, glue, wrench
Photo: Formula 1 car Formula, race, fast, driver, track


Level 18 answers 

Animals hatched from eggs Bird, turtle, snake, fish, crocodile, platypus
James Bond Sexy, 007, action, spy, girls, car, suit, movie, gun
Photo: formulas on chalkboard Einstein, school, math, chalk, board, hard


Level 19 answers 

Percussion instruments Drum, cymbal, triangle, xylophone, maraca
Bank Money, teller, vault, account, loan, robber, card, ATM
Photo: woman looking Woman, gallery, art, picture, museum, painting


Level 20 answers 

Objects that have a screen Phone, computer, television, tablet, GPS
Tools used for gardening Shears, shovel, hoe, rake, fork, watering can, lawn mower, spade
Photo: man snoring Snoring, loud, sleep, annoying, bed, tired


Level 21 answers 

Sounds animals make Woof, moo, meow, baa, oink
It's good cooked but not raw Vegetables, rice, pasta, eggs, meat, fish
Photo: bee bee, pollen flower, purple, spring, honey


Level 22 answers

Types of music Rock, pop, rap, country, jazz, classical, dance, raggae
Things used by a police officer Gun, car, handcuffs, taser, badge, baton, radio, flashlight
Photo: notebook and mouse on table Laptop, glasses, work, office, mouse


Level 23 answers 

It produces heat Oven, sun, fire, body, lamp, heater
Something you can no longer live without Friends, phone, water, food, family, love, air, internet
Photo: girl with cup Warm, winter, coffee, cup, tea


Level 24 answers 

It's useful for the elderly Cane, glasses, wheelchair, medicine, love, hearing aid, dentures
Noise heard in a city Cars, people, sirens, music, barking, trains, construction
Photo: jelly fish Tentacles, sting, ocean, jellyfish, orange


Level 25 answers 

Something found in the living room Carpet, TV, sofa, table, lamp
Payment methods Cash, PayPal, credit, card, wire, check
Photo: picnic Picnic, food, family, fun, friends


Level 26 answers 

Countries in South America Paraguary, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile
It's slow Turtle, computer, traffic, sloth, snail
Photo: log pile Fog, forest, wood, tree, log, deforestation


Level 27 answers 

Green vegetables Cabbage, cucumber, peas, beans, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, peppers  
It's forbidden on a plane Shouting, smoking, weapons, lighter  
Photo: van on beach Summer, van, vacation, trees, palm, beach, hippie  


Level 28 answers 

Green vegetables Cabbage, cucumber, peas, beans, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, peppers
It's forbidden on a plane Shouting, smoking, weapons, lighter
Photo: van on beach Summer, van, vacation, trees, palm, beach, hippie


Level 29 answers 

It smells good Clean laundry, food, candle, soap, flower, perfume
Facebook Wall, like, messenger, share, blue, status, friends, photos
Photo: old records Spin, needle, old, player, music, record


Level 30 answers 

Camping Friends, sleeping bag, outdoors, tent, fire, marshmallows, family
It makes you feel better when you are sick Medicine, warm, love, sleep, soup, drink
Photo: Jesus statue Brazil, Jesus, Rio, statue




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Published Apr. 23rd 2015

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