Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How to Get the Grass Green Thread

Grass Green Thread isn't easy to find in Ni No Kuni 2. This tips guide will show you the easiest way to find it -- and get the thread to Pi Chi at the Goldpaw in no time.

One of the early main quests in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will require you to bring a spool of grass green thread to Pi Chi at the Goldpaw. This thread is quite rare, and you may find it troublesome to get.

There are many different ways of getting the grass green thread in Ni No Kuni 2, but we'll show you the easiest way to get it in the guide below. 

How to Find Grass Green Thread in Ni No Kuni 2

The player buys a sleep-be-gone from a merchant near a cliff face in Ni No Kuni 2

Step 1: Speak to Min Ti

First, travel to the Dreaming Chamomile Inn in Goldpaw using your Trip Door map. You will find Min Ti just across the road from the library. Although she is a part of Ni No Kuni 2's main quest, she will ask you to do a side quest for her.

This side quest will require you to bring her some sleep-be-gones. You need to accept the quest at this point. Also, you will notice that the reward for this quest is grass green thread.

Step 2: Get Sleep-Be-Gones

Travel to Sidewinder Gorge located at Cloudcoil Canyon. There you need to speak to Grimalkin Merchant, who can sell you sleep-be-gones for 100 G. Then, go back to Min Ti at the Chamomile Inn and give her the item you just bought.

As promised, you will get some experience and a handful of grass green thread for Pi Chi.

Step 3: Give Grass Green Thread to Pi Chi

Lastly, you need to find Pi Chi in Goldpaw and give her the grass green thread. Respawn at the Camomile Inn and follow the marker to where Pi Chi is located.

Talk to her and give her the thread. She will thank you and reward you with a Glowproof Spring Mantle.


That is probably the easiest way to get grass green thread for Pi Chi's quest in Ni No Kuni 2, and for other Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:


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Published Mar. 29th 2018

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