Rogue Legacy 2: All Heirlooms Locations

Follow our guide to be able to locate all seven heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2.

All told, there are seven heirlooms to be found in Rogue Legacy 2. Heirlooms grand game-changing abilities, but they need to be found and their challenges completed in order to obtain them.

Our guide will list all heirlooms locations in Rogue Legacy 2. Although the map is randomized with each run, you'll be able to get a clearer idea of where to look in each area.

All Heirlooms Locations in Rogue Legacy 2

Ananke's Shawl

  • Effect: Dash in the air

The first heirloom can be found inside Citadel Agartha, the biome where you start out. Ananke's Shawl can be found on the Ananke of the Shawl statue in the western part of the zone.

The trial consists of seven short zones, and the best class to complete these challenges would be the Knight.

Once you obtain Ananke's Shawl, you will gain the Power of Momentum, which allows you to dash in the air. This ability is necessary if you want to reach the Estuary Lamech boss of the Citadel Agartha biome.

Aesop's Tome

  • Effect: Read Memories / Calm Nightmares

The second heirloom can be seen in the hands of the Aesop of the Tome statue in the top area of the Citadel Agartha.

Aesop's Tome allows you to read journal entries to uncover lore, and will help you deal with Nightmare enemies later on.

Lastly, the tome is needed for interacting with the Scars of Erebus challenges that reward players with bronze, silver, and gold points.

Echo's Boots

  • Effect: Interact with resonant platforms

Echo's Boots can be obtained at the very beginning of the Axis Mundi, which is located to the east of Citadel Agartha.

You will have to climb to the very top of the Axis Mundi tower using platforms. Then you need to jump off the tower to your left and land on the platform beneath.

Echo's Boots modify your Spin Kicks, allowing you to destroy resonant projectiles and reset dashes in the air.

Aether's Wings

  • Effect: Double jump

For this one, you need to enter Kerguelen Plateau, which is located to the west of Axis Mundi. You will also need to defeat the Void Beasts before entering the new zone.

The statue can be found at the end of the Far Shores zone. You will see many green candles, indicating that the heirloom is in close proximity.

You will need Aether's Wings to reach the Estuary Naamah boss, or you can use Echo's Boots instead.

Pallas' Void Bell

  • Effect: Void Dash

The fifth heirloom can be located inside the Stygian Study, found to the north of Citadel Agartha.

Pallas' Void Bell provides players with a number of attributes, including:

  • Longer dash in the air
  • Dash can be canceled
  • Jump through the Void projectiles
  • Enter the Void doors
  • Use the Void elevators

You will also need Pallas' Void Bell to reach the Estuary Enoch in the end of the Stygian Study.

Theia's Sun Lantern

  • Effect: Increases light radius

Theia's Sun Lantern allows you to move forward in the Pishon Dry Lake zone, which is extremely dark.

In order to get Theia's Sun Lantern you need to defeat the Estuary Irad boss, who can be found in the Sun Tower located to the north of Axis Mundi.

After that you can enter Pishon Dry Lake, and a nameless NPC will offer you this valuable heirloom at the start of the zone.

Gilgamesh's Anchor

  • Effect: Interact with Binding Stones

The final heirloom is needed for the endgame of Rogue Legacy 2, when you need to interact with the Binding Stones.

You don't need to do anything special to be able to get it except entering the Golden Doors in the final act of the game.

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