Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Ancient Stele Locations

There are 22 ancient tombs scattered all over Greece and this guide pinpoints all of their secret locations

In the massive world of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, there's plenty of things for you to collect as scour the beautiful plains of ancient Greece.

One of the collectables you can acquire comes from the previous game where you visit ancient tombs in order to discover golden tablets. In this game they're referred to as Stele and when you collect one you receive a modest amount of experience and a single ability point.

This guide breaks down the locations of each hidden Stele and details the path you need to take in order to find them inside the ancient tomb. There are twenty-two locations throughout the game, so prepare for an amazing road trip through Greece!

1: Tomb of the First Pythia

You'll find this first tomb a little northwest of the Sanctuary of Delphi, tucked away against a small hill.

When you get inside proceed to the brazier and take a right turn. You need to break the pots in front of the small hole and slide through it.

Go down the stairs and proceed through the hallway until you see a breakable wall with a snake positioned in front of it. Kill the snake, break down the wall, and go through to claim your first Stele!

2: Tomb of Alkathous

This tomb is located just outside of Megara, on the western side.

Enter the tomb and take a right turn where you'll find a room with a breakable wall in it. Destroy the wall and go deeper into the temple.

All you need to do is keep going forward until you're at the bottom of the stairs where you take a left. Your prize is at the end of the hallway.

3: Tomb of Eteokles

To find this location you'll want to go to the northwest of the Sanctuary of Eleusis.

Follow the tomb's path until you arrive to a room with a large soldier statue, where you'll have a new doorway to go through on your right.

Go down this new path, and you'll arrive to a small room with a snake and a crate you can move. Kill the snake, move the crate, and the Stele will be in the room at the end of the hallway.

4: Tomb of Orion

For this tomb, go to the northwest of the Healing Sanctuary of Amphiaraos. There's quite a bit of blood outside of this tomb, but don't let that stop you!

Head inside and take the path to the left. You'll go down some stairs and follow the path until you're forced to choose between going right or left. Again, choose left and you'll see your prize in the back of the next room.

5: Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax

Though finding this tomb right next to Salamis is easy, getting into it can prove difficult as there's always a handful of fighters patrolling the entrance.

You can always sneak past them, but taking them out works too! When you're inside follow the left path and continue straight.

This eventually leads you into a room with three holes you can slide through, but you want to go through the one in the middle. Continue and jump down the large hole in the last room to claim your long-awaited prize.

6: Artemision Tomb

The Artemision Tomb is located on the northern coast of Artemision Point.

Head inside where you'll have to jump down a hole and continue forward to water-filled entrance. Dive into the water and go straight, taking the only right available to you ahead.

You'll breach the surface and continue into a tight hallway full of pressure points with large spikes. Dodge these and then at the end you'll have to move a small crate to reveal a small path where you can claim your next Stele.

7: Parmenon Tomb 

This tomb is to the southwest of the Koinyra Fortress.

If you follow the path you'll see four large pots blocking a small hole you can slide through. Your next Stele is on the other side.

8: Tomb of Orpheus

You're going to find this tomb to the southwest of the mushroom cave. Proceed inside and you're going to find an empty room with massive hole in the ceiling.

Go through the hole and the new path, until you reach a wall blocked by crates you can move to make your way through. There's a large hole in the next room guarded by many snakes, so watch your step!

You'll find the Stele in the back of this snake-infested room.

9: Abandoned Tomb

The entrance of this tomb is to the south of the Poliochni Ruins in Sky Fall Lakes.

Go through the breakaway wall and then slide through the small hole. Then, you're going to take a left, a right, another right, a left, and then jump down through a large hole.

Find the room with the small hole in the back wall to slide through, and follow the path to the room full of snakes and your next Stele.

10: Stony Sepulchre

You can find this tomb to the southwest of the city Chios, right next to the island's western ship dock.

When inside, follow the path and when you have the opportunity take a right. You'll arrive to a entrance blocked by crates you're going to move, and after going a little further ahead you'll find this tomb's Stele.

11: Tomb of Brizo

This tomb's entrance is to the north of the Kynthos Ruins in the Sacred Lands of Artemis.

This tomb is a little tricky. Head inside and follow the path, until you reach a room with a snake in the middle of it. Destroy the four pots located on the left side of the room, and slide through the hole.

Go down the next path, taking the left path the first chance you get. In the next room jump down the hole and find the next path blocked by a crate. After you've moved the crate you'll find a Stele behind a breakable wall.

12: Tomb of Polybotes

You're going to find this tomb to the south of the Herb Fishing Village in Pharmakeia Bay.

All you have to do is follow the path and destroy some pots blocking a small entrance. Continue forward and you'll locate the Stele in no time. Though you should mind the pressure plates as they're all over the floor in the final room.

13: Giant Heroes Burial Ground

Head to the far south of Apollonas in Marble Bay and you'll find this tomb's entrance in the foothills, covered in ivy.

Head inside and prepare to go under water again as you'll have to dive down to continue forward. Swim straight, take a left, and go into the next room to proceed to the surface. There's a create in the room you'll have to move, and you'll find the Stele just beyond that.

14: Alkaios Tomb

You can make your way to this tomb by going to the southwest of Paros Harbor in Sculptor's Elysium. Be careful when you arrive as there's a small bandit camp guarding the entrance. Deal with them, and then go inside.

Take the left turn and follow the hallway until you see a crate blocking a small entrance on the left side. Move this crate and you'll find the next Stele behind it.

15: Tomb of the Forgotten Hero

We're jumping all the way over to the Helot Hills where you're going to find the next tomb to the southeast of Akriai.

When you get inside, destroy the pots blocking the entrance on the right side and slide through. Go down the stairs and take another right, where you'll slide into another room with the Stele inside.

16: Pheidon's Tomb

You shouldn't have any trouble find this tomb entrance as it's located in the western part of Argos in the Argolis region.

Run straight into the tomb and take the first right you can. Take this path until you're facing a hallway full of pots. Destroy these and mind your footing as there's plenty of hidden pressure plates waiting for you! 

Take another right where you're seeing a hallway full of pots, but again, beware the pressure plates in this area. You'll find the Stele behind a breakaway wall.

17: Agamemnon's Tomb

This tomb is located to the northwest of the Phleious Military Camp in the Palace of Agamemnon area.

Inside this tomb you're going to want go left twice, before taking a right and you'll end up in a room full of pressure plates.

Your goal is to move the crate through the room and place it against the wooden barricade on the other side. You'll be able to jump over it when you're finished. Follow the hallway and you'll find the next Stele in a room with a massive hole in the floor.

18: Tomb of Eurypylos

You're going to have to go out of your way to find this tomb. It's located at the top of Mount Panachaikos.

Inside you'll follow the same path for awhile until you reach a room where you have to figure out another crate puzzle. This shouldn't take you too long to make it to the next room. Go down this hallway, where you'll slide into one more room where the Stele is located.

19: Tomb of the First Champion

This tomb is located to the west of Idean Cave in the Forgotten Swamp.

There's a small camp of bandits outside this tomb, so try sneaking in or killing them. The tomb entrance looks like a dried out fountain with a few pots at the bottom.

Once inside the first room will have you jump on a crate to the next level. Follow the new path and this will leave you to sliding into a room with a pressure plate with a breakable wall. Break the wall before the spikes shoot up and then continue.

As you make your way through the next hallway, keep on the look out for the next breakable wall. The Stele is hidden behind it.

20: Destroyed House of Oinomaos

Your next stop takes you to the southwest of Fort Koroibos in the Valley of Olympia.

The tomb's entrance is hidden in the side of the hill next to the destroyed home. Go down the path and you'll find the Stele immediately.

21: Tomb of the Daughter of Atlas

This little tomb is to the far southwest of the Teuthis Camp on Mount Psophis.

You're going to slide through to the first room and follow the path straight through the Stele should be in the back of the room with the large statue.

22: Waterfall of Styx

The final tomb is a little north of the synchronize point at Elikia Peak.

When you're inside, take a right as soon as you can and follow that path all the way back. The last Stele will be waiting for you at the end of the hallway. 


And there you have it, all twenty-two of the ancient tombs in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey broken down for you!

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Published Oct. 9th 2018

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