Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossil Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield give you four fossils total, but what do you do with fossils and how do you combine them? This tips guide tells you.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield fossils are handled a bit differently from previous Pokemon games. The basic premise is the same, but things go off the rails at a certain point — which you'll see soon enough.

You still find rare fossils (the type of which varies depending on your version), take them to the right person, and presto — you've got some ancient Pokemon brought back to life.

This Sword and Shield guide will tell you what fossils are, which fossils are (presumably) in each version of the game, where you can find fossils, how to revive fossils, and which Pokemon are fossils. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossils Guide

Unlike Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the fossils in Sword and Shield are completely new. There are four of them total:

  • Fossilized Bird
  • Fossilized Fish
  • Fossilized Drake
  • Fossilized Dino

You actually have to combine two fossils to create your new ancient Pokemon. It's not a gimmick to make you buy both versions, though. Each version has two fossil types you're more likely to get.


  • Fossilized Bird
  • Fossilized Dino


  • Fossilized Fish
  • Fossilized Drake

Whether Sword and Shield fossils are exclusive to each game, we really aren't sure yet. Some players have reported getting all four in one version, some didn't get the other version's fossils until after they won the Champion Cup, and some started seeing all four after they traded for the other version's fossils.

Either way, plan on finding the two fossils associated with your version unless you trade for them (with the fossil acting as a held item).

Sword and Shield Fossil Locations

You won't buy your fossils in Sword and Shield, though there are a few different places you can get them from.

Wild Area Fossils

Fossils may randomly appear as hidden items — the sparkly things on the ground — in the Dusty Bowl region of the Wild Area (center of the square area near Hammerlocke). Specifically, you'll be looking near the giant rock under the Stone Arch.

Each of the four fossil types has a chance of randomly spawning as a hidden item there, noting the possible version exclusivity mentioned above.

The Digging Duo

Another way to obtain fossils is also in the Wild Area. In Bridge Field, near the Wild Area Day Care, you'll find the Digging Duo. These brothers will excavate the surrounding cliffside for a fee of 500 watts and bring back a variety of different treasures, some of which include fossils. It's completely random what you'll get, though, and your chances depend on which brother you choose.

The Reward brother has a higher chance of netting you something great — like a fossil. But has lower stamina, meaning he'll only bring back one or two items. The Stamina brother is the opposite — lower chances of rare items, but he'll bring back three to five.


Finally, the easiest, most surefire way to get fossils is visiting the Pokemon Center in Stow-on-Side, where one of the NPCs will give you two fossils for free.

How to Revive Fossils in Sword and Shield

If you've made it to Stow-on-Side yet, you've probably already figured this one out for yourself. On Route 6, behind the campsite, is a professor who's studying ancient things, including fossils. She'll combine two of your fossils to revive (or create?) a new Pokemon for you.

Sword and Shield Fossil Pokemon 

Below are the fossil combinations and what Pokemon you'll get from each in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.


  • Type: Water/Dragon
  • Combination: Fossilized Drake + Fossilized Fish


  • Type: Electric/Dragon
  • Combination: Fossilized Drake + Fossilized Dino


  • Type: Water/Ice
  • Combination: Fossilized Bird + Fossilized Fish


  • Type: Electric/Ice
  • Combination: Fossilized Bird + Fossilized Dino


That's all you need to know about Pokemon Sword and Shield fossils, plus how to revive fossils. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guides for more tips to get the most out of your Galar adventure.


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Published Dec. 20th 2019

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