Bug Report (or 2) for The Raft in New York City - Lego Marvel SuperHeroes

Bug Report: Two reproducible bugs for The Raft level in New York City in Lego Marvel SuperHeroes.

Bugs can be the very bane to a gamer's existence, especially if they can occur repeatedly. They are even worse when they force us to have to start over to our last save point. So far, I have found two bugs on The Raft level of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. So here is my bug report.

Bug Report 1: Cliff Side Folly

The Raft is a prison off of the island of Manhattan in New York City. The group of heroes has to cross a bridge over rough, stormy waters. Past the bridge on the cliff edge is a pull target on a door. This is the location of the first bug. Be careful of the cliff edge here. I fell off into the water. This kills a Lego minifigure and has it respawn on ground. There is a catch, however, in where the Lego minifigure is respawned. I was respawned in a spot where the Lego minifigure repeatedly fell off the cliff and died.

I could switch characters but the automatic ui kept the extra character in this limbo so I was not able to proceed the board without the character. I currently deal with this issue by avoiding the area.

Bug Report 2: Wolverine Stuck in the Roof

Further along in the board, there is a building the characters can go inside of. This building has an area for Wolverine to use his heightened senses to detect a Lego wall he can climb around on similar to Spider-man. Following up this wall leads to a graphic glitch. When Wolverine reaches the roof, it doesn't stop him. Instead, he goes through half of the roof and gets stuck. I just avoid this area for now.

Those are only two bugs I have found so far in my play through of Lego Marvel SuperHeroes. Be on the watch out for more. Don't forget to catch all my guides and tips on my page here.

Published Nov. 23rd 2013

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