Assassin's Creed Origins Guide: How to Find and Use Cedarwood

Having trouble finding the resources to upgrade some of your gear in Assassin's Creed: Origins? Here's how you farm Cedarwood!

Given that Assassin's Creed: Origins takes place in a desert, it makes sense that wood would be a pretty scarce resource. However, if you want to boost your Bracer’s melee damage bonus or your Quiver’s arrow capacity, you’ll need as much Cedarwood as you can get.

While you can find some Cedarwood on the corpses of your fallen enemies, it’s not a very fast or reliable way to stockpile the resource.

How to Farm Cedarwood in Assassin's Creed: Origins

If you want to farm Cedarwood, there are two recommended methods -- the first is very straightforward, as all you have to do is dismantle certain weapons (bows tend to yield a lot of wood, for example) to get some Cedarwood.

The second option is a little more complex, as it involves you tracking down the person carrying the supply of wood. First, you’ll need to use your eagle, Senu, to identify and mark your target.

Then, as Bayek, you’ll have to make your way to the mark and slay whoever the poor soul is that’s carrying your Cedarwood. That's it; pretty cut and dry. 


And that's how you gather wood in Ancient Egypt! If you're looking for other tips, tricks, and strategies for Origins, make sure to check out our other Assassin's Creed Origins guides


Published Nov. 3rd 2017

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