Shatterline: Best Operators Tier List

Picking the right operator can make a huge impact on your overall success in both the PvP and PvE modes in Shatterline. Our tier list guide will help you make the right choice.

There are eight operators in Shatterline, each of which fills a different role. Most players will be naturally more interested in Troopers and Exos, but Supports and Recons are just as important to winning matches in both PvE and PvP modes. 

This Shatterline guide will provide you with a tier list of the best operators in the game. You will learn about their best perks, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

S-Tier Operators


  • Class Type: Trooper.

It's no secret how crucial it is to utilize walls and cover to stay out of an enemy's sight lines, but no one can get away from Orbit. His Spy Drone allows you to not only hover over obstacles and check for hiding players, but also to scan through most obstacles on any map, thus revealing campers and other players.

Orbit's ultimate ability is Crystalline Injection, which obliterates any enemy, but if used on yourself, it heals and gives you strength, something especially useful in PvP mode.


  • Class Type: Exo.

Strix is all about movement and mobility. Her unique heavy machine-gun Volcano has an ultimate ability, but that's not the only thing that makes her a top-tier character.

She also carries two types of grenades: Wall Grenade and Crystalline Grenade. Both can be used as a combo: the first one creates a barrier, and the second one creates an area of effect that immobilizes enemy players, thus deadlocking them and turning them into easy prey. Finally, Strix is one of the few characters capable of opening concealed supply drops in PvE.

A-Tier Operators


  • Class Type: Support.

Malva is a healer with limited offensive abilities, but you don't pick her to fight enemies: you pick her to heal and revive teammates.

Use her Medkit and Healing Station to heal your allies, as well as yourself. Her station heals allies within an area of effect, while you'll need to drop medkits on the ground and interact with them to heal yourself. If you can't find cover, use her Drone Pinscher, which can defend her temporarily. 


  • Class Type: Trooper.

If you find Orbit a bit too complicated, then Mongoose could be a solid alternative, as mastering his techniques is much easier.

Just like Strix, he carries two types of grenades: Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade. Both are easy to use and should be familiar to anyone who has played first-person shooters: one deals damage and one produces smoke for cover. Mongoose also has a useful grenade launcher.


  • Class Type: Exo.

Ram has a number of cool abilities that can easily make him one of your favorites, though they are hard to use and unpredictable. Ram is a high-risk, high-reward Operator. 

His Hyperdash jetpack allows him to get high in the air and see the entire area, quickly locating hiding or flanking enemies. Keep in mind that they'll likely see you, too, making you vulnerable to attack. Throwing Axe can insta-kill enemies if your aim is perfect. Miss, though, and it could be you who's KIA.

B-Tier Operators


  • Class Type: Support.

Pill is another healer, and some players may argue that he is better than Malva due to his healing drone. Pill's Med Drone is very effective, as it automatically seeks and heals downed or injured allies. But unlike Malva, Pill has no defensive abilities of his own. You can use his Stasis Field to slow down opponents, but they can still shoot and throw grenades to cause damage.


  • Class Type: Recon.

Brisa has many unique techniques that allow her to stealthily move around the map, such as her Tactical Cloak. But it doesn't make her invisible entirely, and many players can recognize it rather quickly.

But if you enjoy playing with a sniper rifle, Brisa's Crystalline Rifle can make her a contender for main. 


  • Class Type: Recon.

Kite is a somewhat underwhleming combination of Strix and Brisa. He has the same Wall Grenade as Strix, as well as climbing abilities borrowed from Brisa. Though his Crystalline Revolver is powerful, it has low accuracy. You could also utilize his Remote Mines to detonate walls, but you could also just as well climb over them.

Those are the best operators in Shatterline. Check out our best weapons list for more.


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Published Sep. 21st 2022

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