SWTOR: Conquest Guide - Explained In Plain English

Conquest is can be confusing for casual players and all the guides seem to need a rocket science degree. This guide will hopefully help those who just want to do Conquest.

Planetary and Guild Conquest was introduced in patch 2.9 Galactic Strongholds as a weekly rotating event players can take part in.  Although it's meant for players in a guild, players who are not can still take part but they will not reap all the rewards.

Every week I hear the question, "How do I do this Conquest thing?"

If you are in a guild that participates in this feature of Star Wars The Old Republic you may have heard this question or you may have asked this question yourself.

This guide is intended for those players who want to reach their goal and that is it. For those who don't care to know more beyond that.  For those who want to know more in-depth details check out the Dulfy guide here.

The Basics

Conquest itself lasts for 1 week and resets every Tuesday.  

To start when you press your L key or click the mission log menu button (above) it opens the mission log menu. At the top of the menu you will see 4 tabs: Mission, Conquest, Codex, Lockouts.  Click on Conquest to bring up the conquest menu.


Confusing menu?  Well lets break it down.

  1. The Current Week's Conquest Objectives
  2. Guild Leaderboard
  3. How much you and your Guild has contributed with the possible awards

1. The Current Week's Conquest Objectives

This is where you will see all the objectives for the week and before you ask you don't need to do them all.  You will see in Section 2 that you only need to reach 35,000 points.

Some of the objectives have the ∞ symbol, this means that the objective is repeatable across all your characters.  For example in the picture above you can see that you can craft one of the War Supplies: Infantry Supply Kits (Biochemists), Armored Vehicles and Starship Weapons (Armormech, Armstech and Cybertech), Holocron of Strategy and Crystal Capacitors (Synthweaving and Artifice). When you complete this you get 500 points each.

The objectives marked with X are those that once you repeat them you cannot complete them again for the week on any character.

Other goals include PVP or Starfighter, running operations, doing heroics on certain planets, killing enemies (Player and non Player) and many more. They change from week to week for each conquest event.

So just pick which ones you want to do and get your 35,000 points. Once you do you get your personal reward for reaching the goal.

2. Guild Leaderboard

Your guild is able to invade 1 of the available planets each week.  Each planet gives a bonus to certain objectives. The guild who gets the top spot "conquers" the planet.  This gives you access to buy certain things like the Command Walker mounts.  

Each planet has certain bonuses to the objective points called the Guild Invasion Bonus.  This bonus adds to points you normally get.  For example lets say your guild invades Makeb which gives a x2 bonus to Warzones and crafting war supplies.  That means when you craft that war supply you get a 1000 points instead of 500.

3. How much you and your Guild has contributed with the possible awards


This is where you can keep track of where you are in regards to your goal. Once you reach 35,000 you get your personal rewards immediately.

The Personal Reward give you 19,642 + 25,000 = 44642 credits and the following

  • Gathering Lockbox (Universal) – Contain 3 random material gathering decorations which can be harvested for crafting materials (4 hrs cooldown).
  • 15 Scavenged Scrap (traded with Jawa scrap vendors for green crafting mats)
  • 10 Assorted Droid Parts (traded with Jawa scrap vendors for blue crafting mats)

Now the guild rewards are a little different. As long as your guild is in the top 10 each person in the guild received the guild rewards, but at the end of the week after reset (Tuesday) as long as you reached your personal goal. Which means that as long as you reached your personal goal you can receive the guild rewards.

The Guild Reward gives you 19,642 + 50,000 = 69642 credits and the following:

  • Gathering Lockbox (Universal) – Contain 3 random material gathering decorations which can be harvested for crafting materials (4 hrs cooldown).
  • 10 Jawa Junk (traded with Jawa scrap vendors for purple crafting mats)
  • One of the Encryptions for unlocking rooms in your guild flagship (on average you need around 100-300 Encryptions to unlock a room)

The one thing that the casual guild member needs to know is the Encryption key rewards.  Your leaders should let you know which type they need: Command, Engineering, or Logistical.  

Strongholds and Conquest

As you continue to decorate your stronghold it adds a bonus to your conquest points received.  It equals to 25% for 100% completion of the 4 strongholds for a maximum of 100%.

Which means if you normally get 500 points from an objective you would get 1000 points with a 100% bonus.  If you have guild invasion bonus it is calculated a little different.

If you had a 13% bonus and a 3x invasion bonus for a 500 point objective you would get  (500 x3) + (500 x 0.13)  = 1565 points.  It is not 500 x 3 x .013 as you might expect.

Larger guilds will always accumulate points faster than the smaller guilds so you may need to work harder.

Best thing is get your stronghold bonus as high as you can get it and do what is easier for you whether it is PVP or crafting supplies.

Now some people might say Conquest is a silly thing, but there is something about working towards a goal doing what you like to do and meeting that goal.  If it helps your guild grow even better.  Your guild is your community in-game and having pride that you helped your community is great.

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Published Apr. 24th 2015

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