God of War: Ragnarok — The Weight of Chains Favor Walkthrough Guide

Here's how to complete The Weight of Chains Favor for Mimir in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok is full of compelling side quests called Favors. Some are as good, if not better than the main storyline itself. You’ll get The Weight of Chains Favor when you visit the Watchtower area in the Bay of Bounty. Quickly, you'll end up on the mysterious Lyngbakr Island. 

This walkthrough guide will tell you how to start the quest and complete it to add another Favor to your completion list and net you a silver trophy in the process. 

How to Complete The Weight of Chains Favor

From Sindri's forge, go right and destroy the gold barrier at the base of the wall. Climb up, and go right at the top to find a large locked door. Mimir will mention that he wants to right a wrong and that you’ll find the key to the door on Lyngbakr Island. Track the Favor to a marker on the island located in the middle of the Bay, east of Althjof’s Rig. 

Once on the island, use the Leviathan Axe to blow up the barrier to the right of the dock, and defeat the Wretches that spawn. Go up the path. Destroy the Wretch Nest at the top, and then climb up the small wall.

Go straight, then destroy the barrier along the cliff on the left side (past the gate in the rock). With the way now open, climb right along the cliff, then up to another area with more enemies. 

Here, defeat the Wretches and destroy the nest. Now, interact with the wheel mechanism in the ground by the weak floor to move the elevator all the way down.

Without letting go, use the Leviathan Axe to freeze the blue gear on the elevator shaft. Leave the mechanism. To progress, go back to where you climbed up into the area, climb down, then right to get on top of the elevator. Once there, recall your Axe to send the elevator up.

At the top, look down, then press X to use your Blades of Chaos to propel you down, breaking through the floor below. Be ready for a fight with a Bergsra Mother and its Wretches when you land. Defeat the enemies, and open the red chest in the room for the key.

Now it’s time to go back to the locked door at The Watchtower. Insert the key, and go through. Interact with the drum when Mimir asks you. A short scene will play, revealing what the island truly is. Afterward, go toward the door to leave, but kick down the metal barrier on the left side to quickly drop down. Get back in the canoe, and head toward the island. 

The dock is on the south side, almost directly north of Radsvinn’s Rig. Dock the canoe, and climb up the wall. Defeat the enemies at the top. Once you’ve done so, follow the path to the eastern gate, and destroy the gold barrier to its right. Interact with the large tether at the end, then cut the chain. After, destroy the second chain that appears by throwing your Axe at it. 

Go back to where you climbed up into the area from the dock, and jump over the gap in the walkway to the right. Follow it around to the right and up, then defeat the enemies at the top. After, climb the chain on the right side; be sure to grab the Lore Marker to the right at the top.

Continue forward, and use your Blades to swing across the gap, then follow the path to the end. Defeat the enemies, kick the chain down, and descend. Turn right (west) at the bottom, and you’ll see the next tether in front of you. Repeat the process from Tether 1. 

Destroy the Wretch Nest that appears just a bit further west, and pick up the Firebomb inside. Turn around, and go back to the chain you used to reach this area. Look down, and you’ll see another dock with a gold barrier on it. Throw the Firebomb to destroy the barrier, then return to the boat and use this new dock to reach the tail. 

There, climb the walls to the top, then defeat the enemies. Stay left (east/southeast), and climb up the short cliff to find the third tether. Cut it as you did the others. From here, use the zipline to the left to reach the chain on the tail. Pick up the Legendary Chest when you land, then cut the final chain. 

Use your blades to pull down the nearby palisade wall. Use the chain on the other side to reach the dock below. Take Mimir to the open eye on the south side. 

And that’s how to complete The Weight of Chains Favor in God of War: Ragnarok. You’ll get a good amount of XP for both Kratos and Atreus for your efforts, as well as the Making Amends silver trophy and a handful of collectibles. For more on Ragnarok, visit our guides page right here

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Published Nov. 14th 2022

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