Final Fantasy 7 Remake Moogle Medal Guide

Did you find a moogle medal before blowing up the Mako reactor? These random items tease changes to FF7 Remake's buying options.

The long-awaited FF7 Remake throws a number of changes at long-time fans besides real-time combat. One of those is the elusive Moogle Medal. This new item has players buzzing about additional mechanics added to the base Final Fantasy 7 story.

Let's take a look at how to pick up Moogle Medals, and then see what we can do with them!

What's Up with the Moogle Medal in FF7 Remake?

The moogle medal Isn't found in one specific chest like a normal potion or phoenix down. If you want to grab one, destroy every Shinra box you come across

The chances of pulling a moogle medal are completely random, so keep busting up those boxes.

What Do You Do with Moogle Medals?

Moogle Medals can be spent at Moggie, the little boy in the slums dressed like a Moogle. He can be found in chapter 8 in the kids' hideout.

Moogie sells the following items:

  • Enfeeblement Ring: 1 Moogle Medal
  • Gold Saucer Music Disc: 1 Moogle Medal
  • Moogle's Mortar: 1 Moogle Medal
  • Salvation Badge: 1 Moogle Medal
  • Ether: 2 Moogle Medals
  • Silver Staff: 2 Moogle Medals
  • Whistlewind Scarf: 3 Moogle Medals
  • Turbo Ether: 4 Moogle Medals
  • Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. 1: 5 Moogle Medals
  • Way of the Fist Vol. 1: 5 Moogle Medals
  • The Art of Swordplay Vol. 1: 5 Moogle Medals
  • Telluric Scriptures Vol. 1: 5 Moogle Medals
  • Steel Pincers: 7 Moogle Medals
  • Elixir: 8 Moogle Medals


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Published Apr. 10th 2020

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