Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: How to Change Character Appearance

Check this guide out to learn how to change your created character in Xenoblade Chronicles X!

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you create your own character to use in both multiplayer and solo play. If you get tired of how your character looks, or how their voice sounds, you can change it later in the game.

You must complete certain missions and get far enough through the story to unlock this feature. You cannot change your name, so think hard about that at the beginning. I'll go over what you need to unlock the character customization feature. Check out my Xenoblade Chronicles X Beginner tips and tricks for more help with the game.

This guide will go over unlocking customizing your character in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Unlock Requirements - What you need to unlock the feature.
  • Mission Details - How to complete the missions required to unlock the feature.

Unlock Requirements

There are 2 missions you must complete: Yardley's Scheme and House of Cards.

Yardley's Scheme is a Normal Mission that you get from Yardley. He is located in Outfitter Test Hangar in the Industrial District.

House of Cards is a basic mission you get from the mission terminal. It does not show up until you finish chapter 5 and the Yardley's Scheme mission.

Mission Details

Yardley's Scheme

In this mission, you must collect a California Sunset and 4 L-002 Space Analyzers. 

You can get a California Sunset from cave areas in Primordia.

House of Cards

This mission requires you to get a keycard for Yardley. You can find it in the Administrative District behind some crates.

  • Use the follow ball to get to the general location. The crates are near door guarded by 2 Skells.

Xenoblade Chronicles X character customization

After that you must visit Yardley in the afternoon. You can change the time of day by going back to a room in the BLADE Barracks.

Once you visit him, he tells you to meet him at late night at the bottom of the Administrative District. You have to go to the bottom then swim. The follow ball takes you straight to him.

Talk to him to unlock the ability to use the machine that changes your character's appearance. This includes everything you did at the beginning when creating a character, even gender and voice. You cannot change your name, though.

You can only use this feature from that machine during late night. You can fast travel to it after you unlock it. It is called Yardley's Hideaway.

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to check my Beginner tips and tricks for more Xenoblade Chronicles X info and guides.

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Published Dec. 7th 2015
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