Monster Hunter World: What Is a Draw Attack?

MH: World has a lot layers to the combat as you progress throughout. One of the skills you'll want to learn is the Draw Attack.

Monster Hunter: World came out two weeks ago, and it has taken the gaming world by storm. People are already naming it an early Game of the Year contender, praising its complex gameplay and fun and addictive co-op. 

One of the moves that you'll need to learn for effective combat is a draw attack, which is simply an attack made while unsheathing your weapon. This attack occurs when your weapon is still sheathed and you first pull it out to attack the monster. 

This attack is highly effective if you have the right equipment. There are some armors and charms, such as the Diablos Helm or the Draw Charm, that will boost up your critical draw skill, which gives you a better chance of doing extra damage in a draw attack. There is also a pushing draw attack, which makes you able to stun an enemy in a draw attack. To do this, you need to wear either Low Rank Odogaron Armor or High Rank Odogaron Armor. 

Be sure to take this into consideration next time you find some monster to fight in Monster Hunter: World, and let us know in the comments below if you've come upon new and interesting ways to utilize the draw attack!


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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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