Destiny 2: How to Get the Dark Decider Legendary Auto Rifle

Want the Dark Decider Legendary Auto Rifle in Destiny 2? Here's how to get it. Spoiler alert: it's a grind.

Auto Rifles have always been in a weird spot in Destiny 2, often outclassed at almost any range by more consistent options. Their position in PvP, however, is a little more solid. They might still be less preferable than a Hand Cannon or Pulse Rifle, but in the right hands, they can do wonders. The Dark Decider is new to Destiny 2 in Season 19 and provides another solid Legendary choice if you can stand the grind. 

How to Get the Dark Decider in Destiny 2

If you want the Dark Decider Legendary Auto Rifle, you’ll be playing Iron Banner. Lots and lots of Iron Banner. Progression experience as of Season 19 is painfully slow, with tens of matches passing without more than a few rank-ups.

Thankfully, for the Dark Decider, you only need to reach Rank 4, which will still take you more matches than you’d expect. Sadly, we can’t put a number on it, as how fast you earn rank depends on how often you win and how long you can string win streaks together. With a 50% rate, it might take around 4-6 matches, but your mileage may vary.

Once you’ve unlocked the Dark Decider and picked up your first instance of the weapon from Lord Saladin in the Tower, you can officially start farming them for better rolls. The process of getting new rolls on any Iron Banner gear comes in two forms:

  • Random drops from Iron Banner matches. Once you have an Iron Banner weapon or armor piece unlocked in your Collections, it enters the pool of possible Legendary rewards at the end of a match. Using the Prosperity (Crucible) mod for your Ghost, you can increase this chance. With eight weapons and five armor pieces available per class, getting the one you want through drops alone is a slog beyond even Iron Banner itself.
  • Focusing Iron Engrams at Saladin. When you visit Lord Saladin in the Tower, you’ll see all the Iron Banner gear listed under the Focused Decoding header. Spending a single Iron Engram (earned through completing Iron Banner matches), 100 Legendary Shards, and 20,000 Glimmer guarantees a single unit of the weapon or armor you focused. It’s expensive, but if you have mats to spare, it’s a much better way of getting what you want out of the activity.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to get the Dark Decider Legendary Auto Rifle right now. If you don’t like PvP or Iron Banner’s new Fortress mode, you’re out of luck. If you have a team of friends to help you win in the mode, we highly recommend stacking as many teammates as possible. Freelance is also there for the solo players, though that experience can be…trying at the best of times. For more help with Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph content, or the game more generally, check out our guides hub.


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Published Jan. 9th 2023

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