Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - Idolasphere survival guide

Being a pop idol is difficult in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Here's some tips on navigating the idolasphere!

The idolasphere - in spite of its name - is no safe haven for pop idols. In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, these act as your dungeons, accessed through Idolasphere Portals in the overworld. Here's some spoiler-free tips to guide you through them in one piece!

Learn to use the map

The gamepad in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE acts as both a text-messaging service (which can be hilarious at times, by the way) as well as your map. To access the map, just tap the bottom right button on the screen. The map is updated in real time as you explore different corners of the idolasphere, so make sure to use it if you don't know where to check next!

There are also a bunch of useful icons on the map too. Red diamonds mark unopened treasure chests that require keys, question marks are mirages you can talk to, exclamation marks are interactable objects, and the rest are pretty self-explanatory. Makes sure to check your map after completing dungeons to see if you missed anything during the first run through!

Save often!

One lesson I learned very quickly was that even on Normal mode you can find yourself hitting the game over screen. Like many JRPGs out there, TMS #FE instantly returns you to the main menu if you die. No respawn points, no autosaves, nothing. The only automatic save points are at the intermissions between chapters, so if you die you will lose all progress you have made since your last save point.

Field skills: they might just save your life!

Field skills can be accessed via the Skills submenu. Each one has a different effect, and some can only be gained through side story missions. Healing skills are particularly useful since items are limited in quantity while EP can be quickly regained through a number of means such as items, battle, or otherwise.

Beware of Purple Savage Mirages...

Savage Mirages are powerful enemies that -- during your first run through a dungeon -- typically share levels with enemies that you will find common later in the game. If at all possible you should evade these on the overworld map. If you can't, try to escape the battle with a smoke machine or the escape command.

That said, sometimes fighting these can get you some really cool drops that can be used for Carnage Unity back at Tiki's forest at Fortuna Headquarters. The same can be said for Golden Mirages that drop one of a kind items that are required for the most powerful Carnage Unity weapons. Golden mirages will run away whenever you encounter them, so you'll have to nail them down.

How do you do this?

Swing your sword!

There is never a time you shouldn't try swinging your sword against overworld Mirages. If you make contact they will enter a stunned state. If you touch them when they are stunned, the battle will have a chance of giving you a first strike -- allowing you to get in a few attacks before the battle even starts. If you touch them while they aren't stunned, you risk getting a first strike pinned on you instead, so make use of this whenever possible!

Pick fights whenever possible

While it may seem counter-intuitive if you want to survive in an idolasphere longer, you should take on as many opponents as possible during your run. Why? Because the experience points can go a long way.

Newly recruited Mirage Masters won't be the same level as you when you first get them, but the enemies you face are almost always equal to the chapter number multiplied by 10. As such, you can easily fall behind in levels if you decide to take the easy way around. As a safe measure, you should be able to take down single enemies with a session attack during battle.

Talk to friendly mirages for useful in-dungeon tips and more!

Not all Mirages in the idolasphere are evil. If you see one that looks like the enemies do in battle, talk to them. Some might give you tips on traversing the dungeon, while others might give you quests that will reward you with Treasure Keys and other useful items.

Some Mirages are integral to the plot of the game as well. If you find yourself unable to progress after a certain point (especially in Chapter 3 onward) talk to the Mirages you see standing around. They might just be nice enough open the path for you.

Gear up for the enemies you're facing!

While it might seem logical to just grab whatever weapon has the highest attack rating (or whatever is newer) it doesn't quite work like that in TMS #FE. A stronger weapon will certainly dispatch enemies sooner, but certain idolaspheres will specialize in a certain attack type. If you're equipped with a weapon that is weak against that particular attack type you will be in for a bad time.

Other useful tips:

As with any RPG game out there, there's some general tips you should always pay attention to:

  • Stock up on revival/cure items
  • Check every corner of the map for treasure chests
  • Switch up your party to ensure your levels don't get too far apart
  • Take up overworld quests before entering any dungeon

And that's it! Hopefully these tips will make your travels through the idolasphere a bit safer. If you're having trouble in battle, check out my battle guide for everything you need to know about beating down evil Mirages!

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Published Jun. 27th 2016

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