Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth basic training guide

Looking to unlock those high level digimon for your party? Here's our training guide to help you get them as painlessly as possible.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (DSCS) has an abundance of digital monsters you can use for battle. The highest level monsters in particular require a lot of time and prerequisites to obtain them. This guide will help make the overall process easier and address what items and basic methods are needed. We'll cover experience, stat requirements, camaraderie, and ability.


Leveling takes time but the following cuts down the time for grinding exp.


  • Tactician USB - An item that yields more EXP when equipped to an active party member. Yes, you can have your entire team using this item to yield more results.
  • PlatinumSukamon - Is a champion level virus type that evolves from Keramon. It has the unique skill Platinum Bonus, and it increases exp earned in battle as it's in the active party. You can have 2 or 3 in battle, and the effects increase dramatically. The exp gained will be the same for all creatures traveling with you, active member or not.
  • Function Call - Is a hacker skill your character can use when you have a free type Digimon in your party. With level 1 you can increase encounters, and with level 2 you can forces encounters in the field. 



Statistic Requirements

Certain forms require specific stats for monsters to obtain. Specific stats are obtainable if you pour enough levels into your beasties. Others can't be reached unless they're properly bred.

  • DigiFarm - It's where Digimon whom aren't part of your party can gain stats and exp. Based upon your preferences, you can tailor the bonuses you want. With a variety of training items you can place on the island, no stat limit is unreachable.
  • Personality - As your digi-friends level up, their stat increases are based upon their nature. If you need a partner to achieve an attack threshold faster you can change his/her nature via disks. These personality disks can be bought from the beginning of the game.
  • Food - A faster way to increase stats is through the use of food. You can find and or purchase food regularly via the DigiLab. Food that yields more specific boosts cost more yen of course. 


Camaraderie (CAM) in DSCS is the stat responsible for how likely team members can attack, heal or provide buffs together randomly. 

  • Items - The game gives you access to CAM boosting items fairly early via the DigiFarm. As the game progresses, for higher prices you can purchase more effective CAM boosters. 
  • Battle - CAM also rises as active party members win battles. This can be lengthy but you can visit low level areas and increase encounters to speed up the process.


Ability (ABI) is the most important stat for reaching the best critters within the game. It's often the last stat you'll concern yourself reaching because it requires more time than others.

  • Miracle Meat - Miracle Meat is the only item that provides you ABI. They can be bought in the post game for 1 million yen each. It can also be found throughout the game but only three are found per playthrough.
  • Digivolving/De-digivolving cycles - As mentioned briefly, ABI raises after digivolution. It also increases as you De-digivolve them to lower forms. Reverting monsters to their weaker versions will give them substantial ability. The cycle of wash, rinse and repeat can be shorten using quick exp gains.

Hopefully this guide will prove useful for raising the best Digimon. If you feel anything is missing please feel free to leave a comment below.


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Published Apr. 19th 2016

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