Legend of Mana Ability Unlock Guide

How to unlock all 26 abilities in the Legend of Mana remaster.

Legend of Mana is just as obtuse today as when it originally came out in North America 21 years ago. For those coming from the Trials of Mana port or remake who haven't played it before and expected something a little more obvious out of the Legend of Mana ability and technique systems, there's a bit of catching up to do.

Abilities are the movement skills you can equip two of at a time in the skill menu and are bound to two buttons or keys. What they are depends on your platform, so here's a picture just pointing out what we're talking about here.

Legend of Mana abilities menu showing  backstep, slide, special techniques, and magic.

Abilities are learned via having requisite abilities equipped during combat, with each battle win adding a hidden value to that ability's counter toward learning a more complex ability. For instance, winning a few battles with Defend equipped will prompt you to eventually learn Counterattack after a battle.

The exact requirement values are never seen, but they are not particularly high. You may need to have an ability equipped for maybe 20 battles, at the most, to learn a new ability.

When trying to learn an ability with two requirement abilities, you do not need to have them both equipped at the same time. The hidden values for each ability are stored even when swapped out.

You want to unlock all of these not just to use them individually, but also to unlock special techniques for your weapons.

Legend of Mana Ability Unlocks

You start Legend of Mana with eight abilities to choose from, with some more obviously useful than others.

  1. Jump — Available by default
  2. Defend — Available by default
  3. Retreat — Available by default
  4. Lunge — Available by default
  5. Crouch — Available by default
  6. Cheer — Available by default
  7. Spin — Available by default
  8. Push — Available by default
  9. Somersault — Requires Jump and Lunge
  10. Back-roll — Requires Jump and Retreat
  11. High-jump — Requires Jump and Crouch
  12. Double-jump — Requires Jump and High-jump
  13. Counterattack — Requires Defend
  14. Grapple — Requires Defend and Push
  15. Defensive Lunge — Requires Defend and Lunge
  16. Whirl — Requires Grapple and Spin
  17. Bash — Requires Push and Whirl
  18. Tackle - Requires Push and Lunge
  19. Back-flip — Requires Back-roll and High-jump
  20. Counterstrike — Requires Counterattack
  21. Moonsault — Requires High-jump and Somersault
  22. Evade — Requires Retreat and Lunge
  23. Toss — Requires Bash and Crouch
  24. Flip-kick — Requires Back-roll and Back-flip
  25. Taunt — Requires Cheer and Retreat
  26. Slide — Requires Crouch and Lunge

That's all you really need to know about the abilities, though their true strength lies in special technique unlocks. You can read up on which abilities you need to focus on for different techs in our Legend of Mana techniques unlock guide.

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Published Jun. 24th 2021

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