Hearthstone: How To Draft Arena After Patch 10.4

I'm already liking the first pick here. These are all top-tier legendary minions, and which one you pick determines what direction your draft will go. Though undeniably powerful, I wouldn't pick Kazakus simply because he limits my choices later on. With the recent changes, you are highly likely to get multiple copies of the same card offered, be it Fireball, Firelands Portal, Flamestrike, etc. That aside, the other options can both be correct. However, Pyros is relatively weak as a 2-drop and only provides value if you manage to successfully play its 6-mana version. It can also be silenced and stolen by those pesky priests. All things considered, The Lich King is the obvious choice for me; it's an immensely strong late-game threat and always guarantees you a card to replace it.

1. The Lich King

2. Pyros

3. Kazakus

Published Mar. 19th 2018

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