All Biology Class Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here are all of the answers to Mr. Jacq's questions in Biology class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including midterms and finals.

As a student of the Paldea region, you’ll be given some tests to know how well you know Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One of these tests is a biology test, but you don’t have to worry about all of these because we’re here to help you. This article will tell you all the Biology Class answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Mr. Jacq will be the one giving you the Biology tests. He is your homeroom teacher and a Pokedex app developer. He will give you these tests in three parts. One will be during your classes. These tests will not be scored, so you don’t have to worry about getting the questions right. 

Here are the answers to the biology questions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All Lesson Answers in Biology Class

  • Question: “Where shouldn’t Pokemon walk with you?”
    • Answer: Inside of buildings.
  • Question 2: “What are Pokemon born from?”
    • Answer: Eggs.
  • Question 3: “Another way to increase your chances of a successful catch?”
    • Answer: Inflict the Pokemon with a status condition.
  • Question 4: “To cancel Evolution, press what button?”
    • Answer: B.
  • Question 5: “What is the likelihood of finding a Shiny Pokemon?”
    • Answer: 1 in 4,000.
  • Question 6: “Does anyone know what Pokemon I am referring to?”
    • Answer: Rotom.

Midterm Exam Answers in Biology Class

The only graded exams are the midterm and finals. You need to get three out five questions right to pass your midterm.

  • Question: “What button would you use to let a Pokemon out of its ball so that it can walk with you?”
    • Answer: (B) ZR Button.
  • Question 2: “Combine one letter and one number below to correctly say when and where Eggs are found?”
    • Answer: (A) 2.
  • Question 3: “Which of the following is an effective way to warm up Eggs?”
    • Answer: (B) Walking around.
  • Question 4: “What will NOT make Pokemon easier to catch?”
    • Answer: (A) Giving them a Berry.
  • Question 5: “What will make it easier to catch Pokémon of higher and higher levels?”
    • Answer: (B) Gym Badges.

Final Exam Answers in Biology Class

For the finals, you need to answer at least four questions correctly to pass the exam.

  • Question: “How many of the following four methods make it easier to catch a Pokemon?”
    • Answer: Two.
  • Question 2: “True or false? You can get new Pokemon only by catching them yourself or trading with other Trainers.”
    • Answer: False.
  • Question 3: If a Pokemon is holding an Everstone, will using an item that induces Evolution, such as a Fire Stone, cause it to evolve?”
    • Answer: (A) Yes, it will.
  • Question 4: “ What is the probability of running into a Shiny Pokemon?”
    • Answer: (B) 1 in 4,000.
  • Question 5: “True or false? The Pokemon known as Oricorio has three forms.”
    • Answer: False.

Congratulations, now that you know all of the answers for this class, you’re a certified Pokemon biology genius! You can now max out your friendship with Jacq and receive cool rewards. For more, head over to our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides page.

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Published Jan. 24th 2023

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