Wolfenstein 2 Courtroom Level Escape Guide

Surviving The New Colossus' insane courtroom level is easily one of the most difficult segments in all FPS history ... if you don't take advantage of a loophole in the level design!

If you haven't yet gotten into the Nazi-slaying wonderland that is Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, get ready for an extremely high level of challenge above and beyond what you'd find in the typical FPS.

Easily among the most difficult segments of the Wolfenstein II, the courtroom escape scene is a slog on any setting, but on the higher difficulty levels, it becomes an absolute nightmare.

Below we cover the best method for making it through, but even with this strategy, you can expect to have to reload a few times.

How a human being is seriously expected to survive this segment without dying even once on the hardest setting for the Mein Leben achievement is beyond me.

If anyone out there has accomplished it, I won't offer my congratulations, as the frustration doesn't seem even remotely worth it. I suppose I'll offer my condolences instead, along with some advice to maybe apply that level of insane work ethic to curing cancer or ending war or something.

Surviving the Wolfenstein 2 Courtroom Level

First and foremost, take advantage of the manual save system whenever you haven't died for a minute or so. Save constantly -- seriously, like every few kills. This battle is insane, and you will die many, many times.

Part of what makes the battle so difficult is that you start at 50 health and no armor. Facing away from the main podium with the swastika, just ahead and to the left sit a series of crates and some armor you can grab if you are quick (if you are facing the podium, it's on the right). 

Additional armor and health can be found at the top of the podium in front of the door and on the sides near the railing.

 Grabbing some armor

Using the wood paneling of the podium tiers and the crates as cover is a must, although the paneling gets chewed up quickly, so be ready to stay on the move.

If you go to the right side of the platform and lean out from the metal crate, you can pick your shots and take most of the enemies out without taking too much damage. The only time you really need to leave is to make a dash for ammo or to jump out of the way if a grenade heads in your direction.

If you have quick reflexes, the rounded section on the ground floor with the mounted gun (facing towards the podium) is also a decent spot since you can stay out of sight but still have good line of sight on anyone up above or rounding the corners. Killing enemies here means you don't have to dash out to grab ammo since you can pick it up as it falls.

When the armored super soldiers start dropping out of the ceiling, you may want to dismount the gatling gun and use it to take them out. Hanging out near the corner is a solid tactic, using the sides and stone statues as cover to get in headshots.

 Using heavy weapons on the corner

When the side door opens, book it as fast as possible to grab the ammo you need in the ground floor security station, then get to the top of the stairs ASAP. Head all the way up to the top-floor security station, where you should find a laser gun you can dismount. Pull that off its mount and then just stand there, partially looking out the metal door to the station.

It may go contrary to run-and-gun philosophy or to your predilections as a gamer, but your best bet for staying alive is to seriously just camp there and laser gun anything that comes up the ramp or pops out the door to the right. 

     It may not be dignified, but camping means not dying.

You can see anyone coming up ahead of time when the reticle turns red and just let loose with the laser. If anyone gets any shots off at you, look in the corner between the crates and the closed door to find more armor.

After taking out all the standard enemies using this method, four of the armored super soldiers will drop into the area over time. Make sure to recharge the laser gun when you have spare time so you can continue to camp and annihilate the armored robotic soldiers on their way up.

You will need to go forward out of the security station and onto the ramp a bit to see them before they make it partway up the ramp. If you stay holed up in the station itself, the laser won't take them out quickly enough before they get too close and gang up on you in an enclosed space.

      Taking out the super soldiers

In order to get the next enemy in the sequence of four to spawn, you may need to run out and look down into the courtroom.

Make sure to keep the laser gun charged, or grab another heavy weapon like the grenade launcher or gatling gun in-between each enemy so you can take them out quickly.

When the last one falls, run over to the exit door to complete the level and discover a big surprise regarding what happens to BJ next! Suffice it to say, you should expect the unexpected in this campaign's exceedingly wild ride.


Special thanks go out to YouTuber MrKZdemo for the screenshots. Did you find any other strategies that work well in the Wolfenstein 2 courtroom level? Let us know your strategy in the comments below!

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Published Dec. 19th 2017

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