Wildstar: What's different between P2P and F2P?

Check this guide out to catch up on what has changed in WildStar since F2P launched!

WildStar has finally gone F2P (Free to Play) and has brought many changes along. Many people will be starting for the first time or coming back after a long break. So much has changed and there are some key differences between playing for free and subscribing to the new signature status.

I'll make things easier by going over the big changes since F2P, explaining the basics of the game, and helping you get started with the new version of WildStar. If you're looking for information on each class, go to my Class Overview guide.

This guide will go over basic info and the differences between P2P and F2P including:

  • WildStar Basics - Getting started in WildStar.
  • F2P Changes - What was added in the F2P updated and how the game is different from when it was P2P.
  • F2P and Signature Player Differences - What F2P players get and the benefits of subscribing to have Signature status.

WildStar Basics

WildStar is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and has similar systems that other games in the genre have.

The combat system is what stands out about WildStar. It has very fast-paced action and requires you to be quick on the keyboard.

Nearly every ability, for players and A.I. alike, have telegraphs to show where they will land. This means that you must free target your attacks and even heals. It also uses what is called a "Limited Action Set," which allows you to only choose up to 8 skills to use at a time. You can switch these any time you are out of combat, but it makes you think about what skills you need and every skill in the set should be used.

Strong enemies and bosses have interrupt armor. This means you have to use interrupts to destroy the armor, then interrupt it again to actually stun or interrupt the boss. Every player needs to have an interrupt because of this and requires team coordination.

There is a lot to be said about WildStar's gameplay, but you get the general idea.

F2P Changes

The game got a complete overhaul so I'm only going to highlight the huge changes.

Character Creation

When you create a character you can now choose 1 of 3 options.

  • New to MMOs - This option gives a basic tutorial about playing MMOs, then goes into the basic WildStar tutorial.
  • New to WildStar - This is for people that are new to WildStar, but not MMOs. It starts on the Arkship tutorial.
  • Veteran - This is for people that have experience with WildStar. It starts them on Nexus and bypasses the tutorial.

There is a new UI that shows each race, gender, and class. You get more details info on what each class does, what each path does, and a preview of what your armor will look like for each class.


We no longer have stats like Moxie and Brutality. All DPS main stats are Assault Rating and all healer or tank main stats are Support Rating Regardless of class.

wildstar stat changes

There are still secondary stats that matter more for certain classes and there are new stats.

  • Multi-Hit - This is a chance that your attack or heal will activate an additional time. This does not mean your attack or heal will hit an additional target.
  • Vigor - You deal more damaged based on how much health you have. As your health goes down, so does the bonus.
  • Intensity - Increases outgoing heals as well as Focus cost.
  • Glance Change and Mitigation - Glance chance is the chance the tank will reduce an incoming attack. Mitigation is how much the attack gets reduced.
  • Reflect Chance and Damage - This is for all roles. Each time a player takes damage, they have a chance to reflect a percentage of that attack back to the attacker. The damage stat affects how much reflects back.

Abilities and AMPs

You no longer need to buy abilities when you unlock them. You also don't need to get items to unlock AMPs. You unlock them as you fill up the board.

Ability slots now unlock at levels 1-10.

Misc. Changes

The raid attunement process was shortened and anyone that has fulfilled the requirements and has the Genesis Key will automatically be ready to raid. 

There are many class, dungeon, adventure, and raid changes, so look at the official patch notes for full details.

F2P and Signature Player Differences

Even though the game is F2P, there is still a subscription option. This is called Signature now and they get bonuses for subscribing.

Anyone that bought WildStar before F2P launched get some benefits for free.

  • Character Slots - 12 instead of 2.
  • Costume Slots - 6 instead of 4
  • Personal Bank - 5 instead of 2.
  • Decor - Can place 2,000 items instead of 1,000.

Players also get Cosmic Points based off of the type of retail version they bought.

Cosmic Points are a currency based off of the new in-game shop. You can get more by spending NCoin, the new currency that cost real money.

Below are the differences between Free players and Signature players.

Wildstar f2p and signature differences

Free players have full access to the game and all the content, Signature players just get extra benefits.

Some of the benefits can be earned through Cosmic Rewards. There are 6 tiers and you can check all the rewards in-game by opening up the shop.

That's it for my WildStar P2P and F2P changes guide. Feel free to ask me any questions on anything in here or WildStar in general.

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Published Sep. 30th 2015

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