Harry Potter Wizards Unite Focus Explained

Trying to figure out just what the heck Focus is used for while battling foes across the Muggle world? We tell you all about it in this guide.

One major way that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite distinguishes itself from its AR counterpart, Pokemon Go, is with an endless string of stats and changing terms for different types of foes and items found in the game world.

For instance, what is Focus in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and how does it differ from normal spell energy? That's an issue that has some players stumped, but we can quickly guide you through the ins and outs of using and acquiring Focus.

Explaining Wizard's Unite Focus

This particular resource is used during Wizard Challenges at Fortresses, but it doesn't actually come into play until after reaching Level 9 when you unlock the profession options (Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor).

The Focus resource actually comes in two distinct varieties:

  • Initial Focus: the amount you start off with during a Challenge
  • Maximum Focus: the total amount you can ever have at one time during a Challenge

Each of the three available professions includes special active spells to unlock that are used manually during Challenges, rather than giving passive constant bonuses like most profession abilities. 

Specifically, Focus is used before a Challenge with these profession skills that are activated strategically to hinder enemies and help other wizards:

Skill Profession Effect
 Weakening Hex  Auror   Reduce a foe's Power
  Bat-Bogey Hex   Auror   Reduce a foe's Stamina 
 Confusion Hex  Auror   Reduce a foes Defense
 Focus Charm  Auror   Transfer Focus to a teammate 
 Mending Charm   Magizoologist  Restore teammate's Stamina
 Stamina Charm   Magizoologist  Restore teammate's Stamina
  Revive Charm  Magizoologist  Revive a knocked-out teammate and restore a portion of Stamina
  Bravery Charm  Magizoologist  Enhance your entire team by raising Power against Elite foes
  Deterioration Hex  Professor   Places an impairment on a foe that lowers Stamina every time they attack or defend
 Mending Charm   Professor  Restore teammate's Stamina
 Protection Charm   Professor   Enhance a teammate's Defense
  Proficiency Charm  Professor   Enhance your team by raising their Proficiency Power


Note that some of the profession lessons apart from those active skills actually can increase your initial and maximum Focus.

The Auror's Steel Conviction ability or Professor's Master Mind ability, for instance, increases maximum Focus by 1 for every level taken.

A profession skill like Dueling In The Dark on the other grants 1 bonus initial Focus.

The normal spells you cast during the Challenge battle don't utilize focus; those spells where you need to trace a pattern instead pull from your normal spell energy pool just like when dealing with any Confoundable in the main part of the game.

While it's important to hit any Fortress with a full spell energy pool to cast those normal spells, Focus is acquired and used a bit different.

To replenish your Focus pool, you have to defeat foes who have the Focus icon (the red image to the left), which, obviously, will require using spell energy.

So, how do you actually use Focus in a battle? 

At the beginning of a Challenge, any of the strategic active spells from the list above that you've unlocked in the profession tree will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Just tap and drag the spell you want to use toward its intended target (the subject of the challenge for a Weakening Hex for instance, or another player if you are transferring Focus with an ability like Focus Charm). 

Note, however, that even if you have available Focus, most of the profession active skills have a cooldown and can't be spammed endlessly, so you need to wait between turns to fire them off again.

Have fun joining up with other wizards to take down a Fortress Challenge, and be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite Focus ability strategy for easily conquering foes! 

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Published Jul. 11th 2019

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