Lost Judgment: What Is the Chairman's Name?

A the beginning of Lost Judgment, you must remember the chairman's name in order to progress the story.

Lost Judgment provides a thrilling narrative that many games fail to match. The game will also throw you into some lighthearted and funny moments too. In Lost Judgment, one of the themes is bullying, and it comes to light at a place called Seiryo High School.

As part of the story, Yagami and his crew are called to investigate a bullying problem at the prestigious private school. The school’s chairman agrees to allow secret security cameras to be installed throughout campus so that incidents of bullying can be captured, hopefully shedding light on the situation and finding a solution. So Yagami and his crew disguise themselves as repairmen in order to carry out the mission.

After installing almost all of the cameras in conspicuous places that would be potential hotspots for bullying like the bathroom, Yagami decides to place the last one in Classroom 2-2. It’s the room where many of the bullies Yagami encountered the day before reside in. 

When going into Classroom 2-2, Yagami attempts to install the security camera, but then is stopped by Sawa-sensei, who is the home-room teacher there. Because the investigation is a private matter, the chairman hasn’t told anyone about the security cameras; only he and Yagami’s crew know.

What Is the Chairman's Name in Lost Judgment?

Sawa-sensei is suspicious about Yagami since he isn’t one of the typical repairmen that she sees around the school. So she wants to know who sent him to her classroom. To get himself out of this sticky situation, Yagami is presented with three options:

  1. The chairman hired us
  2. I reserve the right to remain silent
  3. So this is how you treat people?

The first answer is the right one. However, Sawa-sensei follows up and asks Yagami what is the chairman’s name? You’ll also be presented with three options here as well:

  1. Ando-san
  2. Ishizuka-san
  3. Okuda-san

If you’ve been paying attention to the cutscenes, the chairman’s name has been mentioned numerous times: Okuda-san. Select that name and Sawa-sensei will back off, allowing Yagami to install the camera in the classroom and progressing the story.

And that's it for the chairman's name in Lost Judgment. Check out our other guides on Lost Judgment here on GameSkinny.


Published Sep. 28th 2021

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