How to Get Free Lapis in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Buying more useful lapis in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius costs real money; here are some free ways to get lapis instead.

Like all good things in mobile games these days, Lapis Crystals and in-app purchases go hand-in-hand. Lapis are the monumentally useful crystals in the new mobile game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. They allow you revive yourself in battle when your entire party dies, craft an item instantly by bypassing the often long wait times, upgrade slots, summon, and more. Unfortunately, buying more lapis involves real life money. Here are some ways to get lapis without opening up your wallet.

1. Rate the app

A relatively easy way to come by 100 lapis is simply rating the app. The game will ask you to do so fairly early on, or you can go ahead and do it yourself. After that, check your inbox to collect the reward.

2. Complete the tutorial

Endure the rather long tutorial at the beginning of the game to get 500 lapis. You can skip lengthy dialogue scenes by clicking pause during a conversation and then skip. That’ll make things go a little faster.

3. Invite Facebook friends

As you probably already know, you can link the game to your Facebook account. Invite friends from Facebook to get lapis, starting at 100 for 10 friends and rising from there.

4. Daily quest

Completing the daily quest gets you 50 lapis a day, so make sure not to forget about it!

5. Daily login

You can get lapis simply from opening the game every day. The daily login reward is 125 lapis, claimed in your inbox.

6. Stage clear

Clearing a stage through quests and locations gets you 100 lapis.

7. Rank up

Every time you rank up, which happens by engaging in battles and gaining experience, you get 100 lapis as a reward. So keep on fighting your way through the game to regularly receive lapis.

8. Extra stuff

There’s also occasionally lapis to be had through random events over which you have no control. Recently, as a result of some issues with the game, developers rewarded everyone with lapis as an apology. There was also a random lapis giveaway for everyone, too. Though you can’t anticipate these occurrences, they’re certainly one way to receive more lapis.

A number of these rewards can be claimed through your inbox (like the extra stuff, the daily login, rating the app, etc.) and generally have a one-day expiration date. If you don’t claim them by the end of the day, you’ll lose them, so make sure to check your inbox every day.

If you’ve figured out other ways to get lapis free, let us know in the comments below!


Published Aug. 11th 2020

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