Godfall Guide: What Is the Rate Exceeded Error?

Keep getting hit with the Rate Exceeded error in Godfall? Here's what it means and how to sort it.

You've no doubt been running into some issues if you've been playing a fair amount of Godfall since the game's release a couple weeks back. The Rate Exceeded error in particular has been plaguing many players on both the PlayStation 5 and PC.

This error's appearance is entirely random and can totally disrupt players who are looking to play the game cooperatively, making it particularly frustrating since considering co-op is one of the biggest draws to the game.

Let's take a look into what the issue is and how to fix it.

Godfall Guide: What Is the Rate Exceeded Error?

The origins of the message are fairly unclear, with Gearbox themselves not providing an adequate explanation to what it means.

It's known that the message presents itself strictly to online cooperative play and isn't limited to the amount of users in the game. 

It's most likely that the source is related to a server issue since gameplay is interrupted when players get the error. However, Gearbox is yet to confirm its true reason of appearing.

How to fix the Rate Exceeded error?

Unfortunately there's no quick fix to the error aside from relaunching the game. Once it appears the players face one choice and that is to restart Godfall and hope for the best.

Having to deal with multiple relaunches isn't ideal, but appears to be the only confirmed workaround right now. Though it doesn't prevent the error from appearing again.

Gearbox have stated on Twitter that they are "currently investigating" the issues, but provided no information of when or what even cause the issue in the first place. So for now, a simple restart should solve your problems until a patch or server update has been rolled out.


And that's what the Rate Exceeded error in Godfall is. Be sure to check out our review of the game, as well as our in-depth combat guide to get you started.


Published Nov. 23rd 2020

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