Popular Seeds in Minecraft 1.6.2

A tour of some great seeds in 1.6.2

Minecraft seeds are a never-ending topic. They can be generated an infinite amount of times and because of this it can sometimes be tricky finding the better ones.

Because of this, I've decided to take a look at some of the most popular, appreciated and just plain awesome seeds yet known to Minecraft players.

About my picks:

  • Since seeds can stop working in later versions of the game I have decided to give you a collection of seeds all tested for the most recent version - 1.6.2.
  • To give you the best variety I've picked one seed from each category. Have a look below and see if you find a seed you like. If you would like to share any of yours, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments!
  • Most of the seeds found on Seeds.MinePick.com.

Ocean / Island Seed


In this seed you will spawn out in the ocean. It doesn't maybe appear at once as a specifically nice seed but the truth is that this is probably the best island seed out there currently. Close by your spawn are three islands, all quite small, but it's a good seed for a survival gameplay.

Desert Seed


Deserts in Minecraft are recognized as being flat areas with sand. But this seed really changes that mindset. This seed is because of it;s unusual mountain of sand. It's very cool and has a lot of building potential. For example, you could make the mountain hollow and build a house inside it.

Village of Horses


Horses were one of the new features in Minecraft 1.6.2. In this seed you will find yourself in an NPC village crowded with horses. When finding this seed I couldn't find just even one humanoid in the village, it seems like the horses have eaten them all.

On a more serious note, this is really a one of a kind seed. Not only are there lots of horses, there is also a chest somewhere in the village with a saddle you can put on a horse's back. This means that within minutes of spawning you can ride a horse.

Cliffs, Mountains and Beaches


This seed is considered a bit unusual is because it spawns you in the middle of a crazy looking extreme hill area. Not only does eclipse offer you extreme hills, but also overhangs and floating islands. It's a crazy looking seed, but very cool!

Frigid Fungi 


The 'mushroom crossroad' I call this one. Why? Well, it's a crossroad where two different biomes meet. Snow and mushroom. You'll find countless of mushrooms in this biome as well as some mushroom infected cows.

Five very different, but highly appreciated, Minecraft seeds all compatible with Minecraft 1.6.2. And as I mentioned before, if you got a seed you want to share with the audience, then please don't hesitate to mention it in the comments!

Published Aug. 2nd 2013
  • Rabs_8420
    When you put in lost, you go to this cliff, where this red mooshroom tree is at the edge og the cliff overhang, there will be this beige mooshroom tree oppsoite bathed in shadow. Digg straiit two block just beside the left of that tree and dig down. and u will see a ravine and an abandoned mineshaft. If u look around, i think there is a stronghld
  • Rainbow Dash_1853
    ive got a seed that spawns you really close to a mushroom biomb. Its called lost
  • Rhonda_9149
    Please help! The horse one didn't work! :( No horse seeds work for me, I have 1.6.2 but play offline? All I find is pigs :(
  • nathan_6285
    these are some really good seeds. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

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