Jurassic Survival: T-Rex Nest Event Guide

New to Jurassic Survival and trying to get a leg up through the T-Rex Nest Event? Check out this guide for how to complete it and what it can get you!

Jurassic Survival is a mobile MMORPG that's extremely similar to the popular Last Day on Earth: Survival, often even referred to as "Last Day on Earth with dinosaurs". It's a game where death isn't permanent, but it is punishing in a way where surviving should be your primary objective.

Having been out for less than two weeks, we're all still figuring the game out and one of the most valuable finds so far is that there are events with big rewards. One of the first, and current, events is the T-Rex Nest Event, and in this guide I'll show you how to complete it.

How the T-Rex Nest Event Works

Upon entering this area on the world map, denoted by the T-Rex marker, the game does a quick job of running you through text prompts that roughly explain how the event works.

It can get a little disorienting and confusing trying to watch your step while reading along, so I'll explain in detail.

When in the T-Rex nest map, the objective is to stealthily creep around and eventually collect the T-Rex egg. The egg can contain three things when you loot it: an egg, egg pieces, or scales. It's worth noting that the egg you get here can't be used for the Incubator.

On this map, there are also 2–3 chests that are randomly spawned. These chests contain materials and even weapons. There are also two T-Rex on the map, and your core objective is to avoid them.

Best Way to Complete the T-Rex Nest Egg Event

The main mechanic is the usage of the bushes scattered all around the map.

When you're in the bushes, the T-Rex won't see you and therefore you won't aggro it. Aggroing the T-Rex is basically a guaranteed death, so the option of just running through this map isn't there. You've got to be patient and careful.

There is an aggro meter that will display above your character when you get too close to one of the T-Rex in your map. When it's not completely full, as shown above, you still have time to escape and drop aggro. When it becomes full and red, the T-Rex is fully aggro'd onto you and you have a few seconds before it simply tramples you to death.

There are two ways to escape dying like this, and it's very likely that you're going to need to abuse them at one point:

  1. Simply exit and re-enter the map.
  2. Close the Jurassic Survival app entirely and reopen it.

I won't be the one to determine if option #2 is "cheating" or not, but as it's currently an in-game mechanic I do suggest that you take full advantage of it. When one T-Rex is aggro'd onto you, any other T-Rex in the map will simply ignore you as you walk past. This is useful information for when you intend to escape by running out of the map.

The general strategy is to roam the map with your eyes set on the chests, not the egg. It's likely that you're going to find the egg along the way, anyway. With it being random between how many chests there are, either two or three, it can be a little tricky to determine when you're done searching. If you find three, you're done. If you find two, I'd continue searching for a few more minutes until you're confident that there are no more or you've found the egg.

Above is what the egg looks like on the map. On your minimap, it will simply appear as a yellow egg.

Where to Use the T-Rex Nest Egg Materials

The drops you get from the T-Rex egg can be taken to your Dealer and exchanged for valuables.

As shown above, 10 Green Scales can be exchanged for a Pistol, five egg pieces can be changed for an Ice Axe, and two eggs can be exchanged for a Pan. These three items are extremely useful for your survival, so I highly recommend putting in the time to get what you can out of this event while it lasts.


Take advantage of this event while it lasts. With Jurassic Survival being brand new, no one really knows what to expect as far as how long this event will be available for. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or would like to talk about Jurassic Survival!

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Published Nov. 23rd 2017

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