Shin Megami Tensei V: Where to Find Mitama Guide

Mitama in SMT V are rare but worth the time to track down and defeat.

Mitama in Shin Megami Tensei V are rare demons quick to flee from battle, but if you manage to take them down, you're in for some of the best rewards in the game. Finding them is part of the challenge, though once you know where to look, you can return and farm them at will. 

SMT V Mitama Drops

Each Mitama type drops a rare item or two, and defeating them also rewards you with a sizeable amount of experience.

  • Ara Mitama drop (Red): Grimoire, gives demon enough experience to level up
  • Nigi Mitama drop (Blue): Glory Crystals
  • Saki Mitama drop (Yellow): Rare relics, sell to Gustave for Macca
  • Kushi Mitama drop (Gold): Gospels, raises the Nahobino’s level by one

SMT V Mitama Weakness

The thing about Mitama is they have no set weakness. You could fight five different Ara Mitama consecutively, or even two in the same battle, and they’ll each have a different weakness.

If you’re going Mitama farming, make sure to take several spyglasses with you. Have the tool mastery Miracle unlocked as well, so your demons can use items. It gives you a better chance of taking down more than one Mitama in battle.

When you’ve found the weakness, it usually just takes one hit to defeat the Mitama.

Mitama Locations in SMT V

You can find Mitama in a few ways, though randomness governs most of them. There’s a small chance a Mitama will spawn in random battles and a greater chance one will turn up in an ambush battle at an investigation spot. These are the least favorable for you since the enemy almost always goes first.

Mitama run away immediately, or even worse if the enemy party has more foes, they cast Debilitate to lower your stats and then leave.

Some Mitama also spawn at certain points on the map. This isn’t an exhaustive list, as we’re still hunting them down, but here’s where to start looking.

Mitama locations in Minato

Ara Mitama locations

  • Onarimon

Kushi Mitama locations

  • None that I’ve found

Nigi Mitama locations

  • Kamiyacho, on the roof near a cluster of Magatsuhi

Saki Mitama locations

  • A little ways west of the Mita leyline fount

Mitama locations in Shinagawa 

Ara Mitama locations

  • Lurking near the ruins west of the Fairy Village
  • On a rooftop northeast of the Konan 2nd Block leyline fount
  • Sometimes, one spawns on the bridge over the Fairy Village

Kushi Mitama locations

  • A ruined building in Tennozu near the far northern edge of the map

Nigi Mitama locations

  • On the train tracks in the Container Yard area
  • On a hill in South Shinegawa

Saki Mitama locations

Shinegawa Pier. Follow the climbing blocks in the southwest part of the map and take the path around.

Mitama locations in Chiyoda

Ara Mitama locations

  • Under the bridge near Sukibayashi leyline. Hua Po wander around here, so you’ll know you’re in the right place.
  • Ochanomizu, southwest of the Kanda leyline fount. Hua Po also call here home

Kushi Mitama locations

  • North of Akihabara leyline fount on the rooftop

Nigi Mitama locations

Didn’t find any roaming the map in Chiyoda

Saki Mitama locations

  • Southeast of Mansei Bridge leyline fount

Mitama Farming in SMT V

It’s worth noting that Mitama won’t appear every time in these locations. If that’s the case, or if you lose a battle, head back to the nearest leyline fount, travel away, and come back. This usually gets demons to respawn, which increases your chance of finding Mitama.

Chiyoda is a fairly small and open region, and I had the easiest time farming Mitama there, or at least, Mitama that aren’t Nigi Mitama. 

That’s it for our SMT V Mitama guide, but check out our other Shin Megami Tensei V guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Nov. 16th 2021

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