Salt and Sacrifice: How to Get the Simple Key and Hideout Key to Unlock Treacher's Grotto

The Simple Key and Hideout Key in Salt and Sacrifice are key to getting into Treacher's Grotto and accessing other PvP modes. Here's how to find all of them.

To reach Treacher's Grotto, one of the hidden areas in Salt and Sacrifice, you must get both the Simple Key and the Hideout Key. Thankfully, finding both keys and accessing the Grotto is pretty straightforward, and the Simple Key is needed to find the latter.

How to Get the Simple Key

To get the Simple Key, make your way to Ashbourne Village proper. Go to the right of the initial area spawn point. Head into the town until you enter a building and the Archridge District area prompt appears.

Make your way through the tower until you reach a doorway on the right; it's the first one you'll see heading to the right. Exit into the open air and climb the platforms at the other end of the area.

You should see a grappling hook point leading to the left between some wooden platforms. Take it and open the treasure chest to get the Simple Key.

How to Get the Hideout Key

Continue making your way up the level. You'll eventually need to wall jump to reach the next area. Go up until you can't anymore and head to the left until you reach a chasm with a grapple point.

Use it and the one beyond it across the gap. Keep going left until you see a set of platforms leading up. Jump through them and keep going left until you reach a doorway. Beyond it is a large chest. Open it to get the Hideout Key.

How to Reach Treacher's Grotto

Key in hand, return to the Obelisk just outside of Ashbourne Village. Instead of going into the village, take the lower path into Craterstone Mines. Go to the right until you reach a glowing door. You need to kill a total of 3 named Mages to open it; if it's red, kill more and return. Only the initial Mage hunt boss fights count as named Mages. 

Head down into the cavern. Continue descending until you pass a green knight and a pit with two black knights. Continue past them and to their left until you reach a door. Use the Hideout Key here.

There will be a shifty-looking NPC in the room beyond. Speak to them and answer "Yes" when prompted.

Return to Pardoner's Vale and head to the bottom level, past the portal. In the cave with the multiple drop-down platforms, you'll see the previously closed door is now open. Go through it to reach Treacher's Grotto.

Follow the path past the second portal stone and grapple across to meet the shifty NPC again, who says his name is Merchant Raury, vendor for the Blueheart Runner covenant.

That's everything you need to know about the Simple Key, Hideout Key, and how to get into Treacher's Grotto in Salt and Sacrifice. We've covered a few other topics, including best starting classes, runic arts, and best weapons. Our guides hub has even more.


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Published May. 19th 2022

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