Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide: Kasumi

Our Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Confidant guide has everything you need to get the game's true ending.

Kasumi Yoshizawa is one of the highlights in Persona 5 Royal. She’s a new character, a new party member, a new romance option, and of course, a new Confidant. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see a lot of Kasumi until much later in the game, and she’s not a permanent party member until the third semester.

If you want to reach that point, you’ll need to work on Kasumi’s Confidant ranks. Until December, you can only go up to Rank 5, but if you don’t hit Rank 5 before December 22, then you don’t unlock the third semester and the game's true ending.

With that said, her Confidant events should definitely take priority over whatever else is going on, and you’ll need a Faith Persona each time to get the maximum benefits. Like with the other Confidant guides, we aren’t listing spoilers here, which means we also aren’t talking about anything narrative-wise after Rank 5.

Faith Confidant Rank 1

As with all Persona 5 Royal Confidants, you’ll attain the Faith Confidant’s first rank automatically. It takes place during a new event on May 30. It’s not narratively significant, but we won’t spoil it anyway so you can experience it fresh.

As always, your conversation choices don’t matter for this one, so it also doesn’t matter that you won’t have a Faith Persona by this point.

Faith Confidant Rank 2

It’ll be a short while until you can rank up again with the Faith Confidant. Kasumi texts you on June 8 after school, or if you ignore it, you can find her hanging out near the promenade in Kichijoji.

Phoenix is the lowest-level Faith Persona, and you can’t fuse it until you’re at least Level 21 (unless you get really lucky with a fusion accident). Depending on how you’ve played, it’s possible you’ll be at this level already.

The cheapest way is fusing Kodama (which you can find in Madarame’s Palace) with Pixie, or you can take your Councillor Persona Kushi Mitama and fuse it with Bicorn.

  • 1: 1st or 3rd choice (+1)
  • 2: 1st choice (+1)
  • 3: Doesn’t matter
  • 4: Doesn’t matter
  • 5: Doesn’t matter
  • 6: 1st choice (+1)

Most of your choices don’t really matter for this event. Once it’s done, you’ll rank up and get the Tumble ability. Tumble means you won’t get surrounded by Shadows anymore when you’re in a Palace.

Faith Confidant Rank 3

Rank 3 should be available on June 28 or June 29. Head over to Kichioji and speak with Kasumi to start. From here on, values reflect having a Faith Persona with you.

  • 1: 1st choice (+3)
  • 2: 1st or 2nd choice (+2)
  • 3: 1st choice (+3)
  • 4: 2nd choice (+2)
  • 5: Doesn’t matter
  • 6: Doesn’t matter
  • 7: Doesn’t matter
  • 8: 1st or 3rd choice (+3)

Faith Confidant Rank 4

Nothing special about this one, though it doesn’t become available for almost a month.

  • 1: 2nd choice (+2)
  • 2: 1st choice (+3)
  • 3: Doesn’t matter
  • 4: 1st or 2nd choice (+2)
  • 5: Doesn’t matter
  • 6: 1st choice (+2)
  • 7: Doesn’t matter
  • 8: 1st choice (+2)
  • 9: 1st or 2nd choice (+2)

Attaining Rank 4 unlocks the Chaines Hook ability. This lets you use the grappling hook to trigger an ambush attack from further away.

Faith Confidant Rank 5

This is an important milestone for Kasumi’s Confidant. You’ll need to reach Rank 5 before December 22 or you won’t be able to go further, and you can’t unlock the third semester.

  • 1: 1st choice (+2)
  • 2: Doesn’t matter
  • 3: 2nd choice (+3)
  • 4: Doesn’t matter
  • 5: 1st or 2nd choice (+3)
  • 6: 1st choice (+3)
  • 7: Doesn’t matter
  • 8: 1st or 3rd choice (+3)

Faith Confidant Rank 6

You can’t progress past Rank 5 until after January 13. It’s a bit unusual in that none of the choices matter until the last one during the phone call.

For that, the 2nd and 3rd options both give +2.

Once you’re finished, you’ll unlock the usual bonuses associated with team members: Follow-up, so Kasumi can potentially knock an enemy down if you don’t, and Athletics Talk, where Kasumi can step in and salvage Shadow negotiations.

Faith Confidant Rank 7

  • 1: Doesn’t matter
  • 2: Doesn’t matter
  • 3: 1st choice (+2)
  • 4: 1st choice (+3)
  • 5: Doesn’t matter
  • 6: 1st or 3rd choice (+3)
  • 7: 3rd choice (+2)

Rank 7 gives Kasumi the Harisen Recovery ability. By now, you probably already know Harisen Recovery lets that party member potentially heal status ailments if they’re in the party.

Faith Confidant Rank 8

  • 1: 1st choice (+3)
  • 2: Doesn’t matter
  • 3: 2nd choice (+3)
  • 4-8: Doesn’t matter
  • 9: 2nd choice (+3)
  • 10: 2nd choice (+2)

Rank 8 gives Kasumi the Endure ability, meaning she might survive an otherwise deadly attack.

Faith Confidant Rank 9

Rank 9 is where you’ll have to choose whether you want a romantic relationship with Kasumi.

  • 1: Doesn’t matter
  • 2: Either gives +2
  • 3: Either gives +2
  • 4: 1st choice (+2)
  • 5: All are +3
  • 6: 3rd choice (+2)
  • 7: Doesn’t matter
  • 8: This one is where you have to choose. It’s pretty obvious which is which, but just in case: “I love you too” is the romantic option, and “Let’s stay friends, okay?” isn’t.

Just remember if you’ve already chosen a romantic route for another Confidant, you get caught on Valentine’s Day when they realize you betrayed their trust.

The choices change from here.


  • 9: Both choices (+2)
  • 10: All are +3
  • 11: 1st choice (+2)


  • 9: 1st choice (+2)
  • 10: 3rd choice (+3)

Whatever route you choose, Rank 9 gives Kasumi the Protect ability. She might step in and take a hit for Joker if it would otherwise prove fatal.

Faith Confidant Rank 10

The choices for this one are split as well, depending on which route you took.


  • 1-4: Doesn’t matter
  • 5: 1st or 2nd choice (+3)


  • 1-3: Doesn’t matter
  • 4: 1st or 2nd choice (+3)

Rank 10 unlocks a new form for Kasumi’s Persona.


That's it for Kasumi's Confidant guide, but be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Royal guides for more tips and tricks, including the other new Confidants:


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Published Mar. 30th 2020

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