The best ADCs in League of Legends

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Prior to Season 6, attack-damage carries (ADCs) were in a rough spot. The meta was full of assassins and bruisers that would use one round of spells and instantly kill most ADCs. Many players felt helpless against powerful solo lanes, and the only counter was stellar positioning behind a solid front line. 

However, Riot recognized the problems ADCs were facing and introduced a number of changes for Season 6. New items were implemented that gave ADCs longer range on auto attacks, more movement speed, and damage reduction when dueling. Riot also balanced ADCs by updating old skills or giving flat damage boosts. Now ADCs are one of the most influential roles in the game, and they once again fulfill their carry title. 

When this many changes are brought into the game, it's no surprise that some champions benefit more than others. In the current meta, caster ADCs with high mobility are dominating the role. In this guide, I will explain who the best ADCs are in LoL, including tips on item builds and play style.

Published Mar. 2nd 2016

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