Pokemon GO Super Effective Files: Snorlax Spotlight

This week's Pokemon GO Super Effective Files puts a spotlight on Snorlax!

This week's Super Effective Files continues the Pokemon GO spotlight with Snorlax. Although it is a fairly rare Pokemon, it is definitely one of the best in the game. It has high CP, great all-around stats, plus it is a Normal type Pokemon. This mean it has only 1 weakness, Fighting.

I'm going to go over what makes Snorlax so great, and list the moves available as well. Check out my other Super Effective Files for plenty of other Pokemon.

The Sleepy Wall

Snorlax is a normal Pokemon and has no evolutions.

It is weak to Fighting and resistant to Ghost. Unlike the games on Nintendo handhelds, Normal is not immune to Ghost. Normal only takes less damage in Pokemon GO.

The stats could vary slightly, but it gives a good target number to keep in mind. Stamina affects how much health a Pokemon gets.

  • Max CP - 3112
  • Base Attack - 180
  • Base Defense - 180
  • Base Stamina - 320

Snorlax has the highest CP of any non legendary Pokemon and its Stamina dwarfs even Vaporeon's. The Attack and Defense is also high, so trying to take one down at a gym will be very hard.

The Power of Variety

Snorlax can have Normal or Ground moves as secondary attacks, and can have either Ghost or Psychic as primary attacks.

  • Lick (Ghost) - 5 damage/10 DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic) - 12 damage/11 DPS
  • Body Slam (Normal) - 40 damage/26 DPS
    • STAB - 32 DPS
  • Earthquake - 100 damage/24 DPS
  • Hyper Beam - 120 damage/24 DPS
    • STAB - 30 DPS

Lick and Zen Headbutt are pretty close in DPS, but Zen Headbutt does a bit more. It also has more base damage so that is one I would look for.

Hyper Beam has a bit less DPS than Body Slam, but secondary moves are used less often, so I would still put Hyper Beam as the best secondary for Snorlax.

That wraps up this week of Pokemon GO Super Effective Files. Let me know of any you would like to see in the future!

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Published Aug. 8th 2016

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