Lord of Heroes Best Heroes Tier List

This tier list highlights the best possible heroes in Lord of Heroes so that you can assemble the most powerful team as quickly as possible.

Though the characters in Lord of Heroes get much of their strength and power from gear, it is still important to distinguish between their abilities. Whether you're playing the game's story campaign, owning other players in its PvP mode, or participating in its raids, the base stats of each hero play into your overall strategy. 

This hero tier list ranks the best heroes in Lord of Heroes that are not hidden behind the game's paywall. All of the heroes in this list are available in the base game and can be unlocked or purchased with in-game currency.

SS-Tier Heroes

Lairei (Fire)

  • Strength: 4350
  • Attack: 403
  • Defense: 298
  • Speed: 100

Lairei has a 70% chance to reduce all the defenses of the target enemy. Since the hit-percentage is so high, there is a very good chance that at least two out of three hits will ignore an enemy's defenses. 

When Lairei attacks all enemies at once, she has a 60% chance to reduce one of the target's status effect resistances, which is a great strategy against annoying supporters, such as clerics.

How to get Lairei

Lairei can be unlocked during your first and second contracts.

Krom (Water)

  • Strength: 3593
  • Attack: 345
  • Defense: 447
  • Speed: 97

Speaking of supporters, Krom is the best guardian in Lord of Heroes. His second active ability is especially powerful and grants a 40% energy bonus to all allies. In addition, you can assign a continuous recovery to one specific ally for one round.

But Krom can also serve as an attacker, where his attack power depends on the level of his speed. The faster he moves, the higher damage he deals.

How to get Krom

Just like Lairei, Krom can be unlocked during your first and second contracts.

S-Tier Heroes

Mei Ling (Light)

  • Strength: 2296
  • Attack: 238
  • Defense: 187
  • Speed: 99

Mei Ling is similar in function to Krom, but her stats are significantly lower than Krom's. Mei Ling's first active ability allows her to restore 10% stamina to all allies if her attack hits the target and deals a critical hit. Her second ability is just as good and recovers all allies for one round, attacking all enemies at once.

How to get Mei Ling

Mei Ling can only be unlocked after you complete Lord of Heroes' Extreme mode and earn 700,000 renown.

Charlotte (Earth)

  • Strength: 945
  • Attack: 122
  • Defense: 119
  • Speed: 96

Charlotte is a cleric that buffs her own allies and debuffs enemies while attacking them. Her first ability has a 50% chance of reducing a target enemy's attack power for one round, while her second ability recovers the stamina of a target ally for one round.

Charlotte's Nirvana ability restores the physical power of all of her allies and grants them shield for two turns. This is a great ability to have in story mode and during raids.

How to get Charlotte

Charlotte is available from the beginning of the game.

A-Tier Heroes

Vanessa (Water)

  • Strength: 1832
  • Attack: 240
  • Defense: 219
  • Speed: 97

Like Charlotte, Vanessa is also a cleric, but she has unusually high attack damage. Every time she attacks an enemy, she fully restores her physical strength gauge, which means that every attack will deal full damage.

Her second ability also recovers physical strength for all of her allies, making her a necessary addition if you have a strength-based team of heroes.

How to get Vanessa

Vanessa can be unlocked in the game's shop for 6,000 crystals.

Helga (Water)

  • Strength: 1484
  • Attack: 272
  • Defense: 244
  • Speed: 102

Helga is a striker that can heal herself whenever she attacks a target enemy. Although her strength is not on par with other heroes on this list, she can still deliver a solid punch when she has to.

Her second ability has a 30% chance of inflicting two continuous attacks, while she attacks all enemies at once. This means that her damage will linger for the rest of the round.

How to get Helga

Helga can be unlocked after completing Stage 5-4 in Normal mode.

Olivia (Earth)

  • Strength: 1555
  • Attack: 257
  • Defense: 242
  • Speed: 98

Olivia is one of the only heroes in Lord of Heroes that has the ability to influence an enemy's action value. Her first ability grants you a 100% chance of reducing a target enemy's action gauge by 20%.

Her second ability gives you a 50% chance of reducing a target enemy's speed, while attacking all enemies at once. When this ability hits, it can slow down the enemy team's strongest hero significantly.

How to get Olivia

Olivia can be unlocked as a reward for logging into the game for seven days in a row.

That's it for our Lord of Heroes' best heroes tier list. While there are other good options depending on your playstyle, these are the best characters to for every type of player, and ones you should focus on getting first. Lord of Heroes is out now on iOS and Android mobile devices. 


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Published Sep. 14th 2020

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