Skyforge FAQ guide for the new and confused player

If something that seems simple is eluding you in Skyforge, you're probably not alone in that confusion.

Skyforge isn't a complicated game per se, but judging by all the questions asked in the game's many Regional chats it is confusing for the first couple of days.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions I've seen asked in-game. Hopefully some of the information listed here can help those of you new to the game having a tough time getting used to how it works.

What does it mean that there's a "cap", and what happens when you hit it?

The cap refers to the limits you have on the game's primary currencies. Once you reach a cap, you will no longer be able to obtain the related currencies until the weekly cap reset.

These capped currencies and what counts towards them are as follows:

  • Credits - Valuables, Credits, Holy Texts, Enhancement Stones, Ether Cores
  • Sparks of Insight - Sparks of Balance, Sparks of Creation, Sparks of Destruction
  • Class Sparks - Spark of Evolution and any class-exclusive sparks used in the class-level of the Atlas
  • Particles of Mastery

The currency caps reset each Wednesday morning. If you did not reach your cap for a particular week, it will carry over into the next week.

How do you get new costumes?

There are two primary ways to get new costumes right now:

  • You can get a class's outfit by finishing its training in the Training Room.
  • Buying them in the market for Celestial Threads in the 'Costume' section of the shop or with other special currencies under the 'Rare Items' section.

Can you go back to a region for Sparks after you've cleared in the first time?

By open areas, I'm referring to places like Isola Digs, Port Naori, Milene Caves, and so on.

Simple answer: No.

More complicated answer: Instead of Sparks if Insight, you'll get Spark Replicators, Celestial Threads, Supplies, Ammunition, and Sparks of Transformation.

On the plus side, you'll still get your class-specific Sparks as monster drops in regions.

When do you unlock the upper tier of the Ascension Atlas?

This is unlocked when you finally reach the "Path of" node for your current class. This is also when you stop putting Sparks toward that class's development and switch to class-specific Sparks.

How do you unlock new classes?

You need to get to the upper tier of the Ascension Atlas. I cover how to unlock new classes more a bit more thoroughly in the link.

Do you get a starter weapon when you unlock and play a new class?

You do not. Once you unlock a new class, you will have no weapon nor subweapon unless you found one before you changed classes.

It's easier to simply switch to a new class and run easy Squad adventures until you get a weapon and subweapon because equipment drops for frequently for the class you're currently using.

Do your equipment boosters carry when you change your class?

Your Weapon Booster, Additional Booster, and Ritual Ornament all retain their ranks when you change your class.

Your boosters are permanent increases to your stats, provided you have equipment in the appropriate slots. For example, if you do not have a weapon equipped you will not get the extra Might that would usually come with have your booster at that rank.

Can players of vastly different Prestige party and adventure together?

The unfortunate answer to this is no, for the time being. The Russian version of the game already has a mentoring system in place for high Prestige players to group and play with their lower Prestige friends, but that patch has not hit the international version of the game yet.

What is the charge bar above my dash charges?

This is your Impulse Charge, and it's a huge part of maximizing your DPS. Abilities that take advantage of your Impulse Charge do additional Impulse Damage, which scales off your Spirit stat. You can generally only hold one charge at a time, though some weapon attributes and abilities may be able to recharge it instantly.

Read through your abilities to see which ones take advantage of the Impulse mechanic. They will say "Activates Impulse Charge."

Are Squad adventures labelled 'Impossible' really impossible?

'Impossible' Squads are doable -- you just can't do them by yourself. These Squads are scaled to a point where you are currently incapable of running and completing them by yourself.

Squad difficulties vary based on your current Prestige. Most will adjust based on your Prestige, sometimes to an lower difficultly and sometimes to a higher one. Always pay attention to difficulty before jumping into a Squad solo.

What do the X2 and X3 next to some areas mean?

This indicates the multiplier to the total Sparks you'll obtain in that Squad, Group, or Battle.

Often these multipliers will only take effect if you're playing a particular class (which the game will give you for free to play during that run), but at times you'll see them with no required class.

Is it possible to unlock a new class in the first week?

Yes, you can -- if you're careful with how you spend your Sparks. Some classes are close enough to the three default classes that you should be able to unlock them in your first week.

The easiest to unlock are Slayer and Archer, both being the closest to the default classes and requiring the least Sparks of Transformation to unlock. Kinetic and Necromancer are both only one node further away from the defaults, but the required Sparks to get up to them are much higher.

When do you start to get followers?

The Order system, which allows you to manage followers and build temples for buffs, unlocks at Prestige 2000.

The Order system is a big part of building your character and is definitely something you should keep up with as you play.

How do you change your abilities?

If you haven't noticed, abilities are tied to certain keys no matter what -- and there are often multiple options per key. If you get a new ability that you need to change an older one for, you need to click 'Reset' at the bottom right of the screen

This is also how you reset talents. Resetting costs Sparks of Transformation.

How do you change your mount?

If you have multiple mounts and you want to change to another, press and hold the 'J' key to bring up the mount wheel.

How do you bring up the emote menu?

Press the 'G' key to bring up the emote menu, from there you press the F keys to choose the emote you want to use.

The 'G' key is also used to bring up party and friend invites.

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Published Jul. 19th 2015
  • Akal Ukz
    Thanks for the guide!
  • Aldeberan
    Thank you for your post. It clarified some things that I was unsure of even after playing for a week now.

    I'm mostly liking SkyForge, especially considering that it's a beta. However, I'm finding leveling new classes a bit of a pain. I mean, before playing the paladin I made sure all the circles in the paladin node were unlocked, as well as all the class circles up to the one where you unlock sparks of justice. That said, my paly is still a bit squishy, even in places like Port Naori and that factory instance. Very annoying, especially when you consider all the precious sparks I spent unlocking all the circles in the paladin node. :(

    I would also mention that I'm mostly liking SkyForge despite the fact that I've never been a huge mmo dungeon raiding fan. There's just too many chances for unpleasant social encounters (namely abuse from leetist min/max players) when you group with strangers. As one swtor player wrote, she's hesitant to do a flashpoint with strangers because it might be the event that ruins her evening gaming session. I couldn't agree more.

    That said, I hope SkyForge plans on adding more open world areas and other soloable activity as an alternative to the rinse and repeat dungeons.

    BTW, of course the visuals are excellent, as are the player avatars. And above all, unlike swtor, SkyForge doesn't make you pay in the cash shop for avatar changes, nor do they make you grind forever or gamble on the cash shop cartell packs for the cool wardrobes.
  • Jack Bampfield
    Well, I've just started downloading Skyforge so this is much appreciated.

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