WWE 2K18 Guide: How to Win the Money in the Bank Match in My Career

WWE 2K18 has suffered from a few bugs and glitches since release, but the Money in the Bank match is one of the worst.

Following the release of WWE 2K18, players have run into a ton of bugs and needless to say, they aren't happy. From complaints about framerate to poor controls, players seem to be largely upset that the game isn't a massive improvement from the last entry in the series. However, one bug seems to stand out above the rest, and that is the "Money in the Bank" match from WWE 2K18's Career Mode. 

How to Win the "Money in the Bank" Match in WWE 2K 18

This match has two objectives to it: 

  1.  Win the match
  2. Use the ladder in a move 

Both of these seem pretty straightforward, but unfortunately, using the ladder seems to be a bit trickier than smashing it over your opponent's head. While most players seem to think this is a bug, it seems to be more likely a case of poor wording in the challenge itself.  

Apparently, the game wants players to use the ladder in a specific way, so it takes some setup. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get past this match in career mode: 

  1. Make sure you've got a finisher stored up 
  2. Climb the ladder and have another superstar climb the ladder as well 
  3. You'll receive a button prompt to perform an "OMG" move 
  4. When you hit the button prompt, you'll start a ladder finisher and, whether you finish the move correctly or not, you should receive credit
  5. After that, you just have to win the match 


While there are some players that have mentioned they didn't need to do all of the above steps to complete the challenge, this definitely seems to be the most reliable way. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Or if you've found another surefire way to handle this challenge let us know in the comments below.

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Published Oct. 18th 2017

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