Treasure Cave Discovered in Destiny Makes it Easier to Find Legendary Items

The Destiny community has found an enemy spawn point that offers valuable drops.

Love Destiny, but getting frustrated attempting to find some legendary loot? Well, if that’s the case there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news for you is that the Destiny community seems to have found a secret cave that makes the possibility of finding such legendary loot much more promising.

The cave can be found in Old Russia near the Cosmodrome. This cave is an endless spawn point for low-level Acolytes and Thralls, who have a tendency to to drop valuable loot once killed off. Force Strategy Gaming has offered a video guide, with tips and tricks to get the most out of your legendary treasure hunt. The video is posted below.

In order to exploit the hidden treasure cave, there are a few conditions for this trick. Players must arrive in the area in a group of at least two, but more can work as well. Then, players have to stand at a certain spot for the endlessly respawning fallen enemies to drop uncommon equipment, blue engrams, and of course on occasion, purple engrams.

Due to the wide popularity of the cave since being discovered, you know there are certainly selfish players out there trying to scoop up everything that drops. In order to not upset any of your fellow players, a group on Reddit has published a guide to good etiquette to keep in mind while looting the cave.

It reads: "Please don't run up every time you see something shiny drop. I get it, you need to know whether you've just dropped a legendary engram and not just some heavy ammo. But even if you have, it's not like you can equip it yet. And it makes it so much more rewarding picking up a ton of loot and not just one thing."

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Published Sep. 23rd 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Just heard that the cave has been nerfed by Bungie so can't use the Cave to farm anymore unfortunately
  • Death Metal Hero
    Don't forget to invite others to your fireteam when farming this. Makes it easier and more fun than competing with others for kills.

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