Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Vault Chess Puzzle

Treasure Vaults are located throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Here's how to solve the chess puzzle of a Poidsear Coast Treasure Vault.

Hogwarts Legacy features a wide variety of puzzles, one of them being the Treasure Vault chess puzzle found at the Poidsear Coast region vault. Here's how to solve this particular brain tickler.

Location of the Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

This vault puzzle is located in the Poidsear Coast Region. Head to the Northeastern section of the region in the mountains where a river starts. If you have caught a Phoenix, you can fast travel to the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame and head directly east.  

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How to Solve the Chess Puzzle

When you arrive at the Treasure Vault, use Depulso on both switches to open the way in. Upon entering the main room where the chess puzzle is, the first thing you need to do is cast Revelio.

The solution, which is to check the King, depends on what item gets highlighted. You want to transfigure the item and then move the resulting chess piece into the correct position via Accio.

  • Vase: The vase will transform into a Bishop, which can be placed diagonally to check the King.
  • Pot: The pot transforms into a Rook, which can check the King by being placed directly in front of it. 
  • Chair: The chair transforms into a Knight. The Knight can move two squares vertically and one square horizontally. You will want to plan the best way to achieve check ahead of moving it if this is the item you have. 

Once you check the King, the Treasure Vault's chest will appear near the wall carving. You have solved the Treasure Vault chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. This is the only location with this puzzle, so if you need help with other vaults check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.


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Published Feb. 20th 2023

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