Hay Day Guides: The Production Buildings on the Farm

Getting your Hay Day production buildings in order.

Hay Day farmers thinking about turning their farm into the best around can use the 22 production buildings on their property to turn a tidy profit. Each of these production buildings can produce goods you can sell or use to make other items.

You’ll need to spend a few coins to get each building up and turning out products playing Hay Day. Once each building is totally complete and upgraded, you can really start turning your farm into the best, and make a nice profit for your efforts.


The Bakery

  • The Hay Day Bakery is available for farmers at level 1, but costs 20 coins to get it up and working
  • You can produce nine different baked products. Read my article on the Hay Day ‘Bakery’ to find out which products you can produce
  • Need 735 hours of baking experience to achieve three-star Bakery Mastery status

The Feed Mill

  • The Feed Mill produces the various animal feed you need to make sure all the animals on the farm are fed and ready to work
  • This production building is available at level 1 and the first one is free. The second Feed Mill you can build at level 12, but it will cost you 3800 coins
  • The five types of animal feed produced are made in batches of three
  • It will take 5880 hours of mill time to achieve Feed Mill Master

Dairy Building

  • Dairy is available for farmers at level 6
  • Costs 50 coin to build
  • The Dairy produces 4 products
  • Takes 360 hours to reach Dairy Master

The Sugar Mill

  • Is available for Hay Day farmers at level 7
  • Produces three products
  • Costs 350 coins to build
  • Takes 400 hours to reach Sugar Mill Master level

The Popcorn Pot

  • Produces 4 products
  • Unlocks at level 8
  • Costs 1180 coins for Hay Day farmers to build
  • You need 450 hours to achieve Master Popcorn Pot

The BBQ Grill

  • Farmers can cook 7 different foods
  • Unlocks at level 9
  • Costs 730 coins to build
  • After 480 hours of practice you’ll achieve Master BBQ Grill level

The Pie Oven

  • Farmers can bake nine different items
  • Unlocks at level 14
  • 3100 coins to build
  • 640 hours to reach Master Pie Oven level

The Hay Day Loom

  • Unlocks at level 17
  • Produces 4 different products you can sell
  • 900 hours to master
  • Costs 4800 coins to build

The Cake Oven

  • Unlocks at level 21
  • Can bake 8 different cakes
  • Costs 14,200 coins to build
  • 1040 hours to become Master Cake Oven

The Smelter

  • Unlocks at level 24
  • Can build up to four smelters
  • Produces gold, silver and platinum bars
  • Costs 12000 coins to build first smelter, costs increase for each
  • 6180 hours of mining and smelting to achieve Master Smelter level

Juice Press

  • Available for farmers at level 26
  • Makes 5 products
  • Costs 3680 coins to build
  • 1250 hours to become Master Juice Press

Ice Cream Maker

  • Unlocks at level 29
  • Makes 4 different items
  • Costs 42195 coins to build
  • 360 hours required to make Master Ice Cream Maker

Jam Maker

  • Unlocks at level 35
  • Produces 5 items
  • Costs 68500 coins to build
  • 1440 hours to achieve Master Jam Maker


  • Unlocks at level 38
  • Can produce 3 items
  • Costs 78200 coins to build
  • 1120 hours to Master Jeweler

Coffee Kiosk

  • Ready at level 42
  • Produces 5 different items
  • Costs 95000 coins to build
  • 960 hours to become Master Coffee Kiosk

Candy Machine

  • Unlocks at level 51
  • Makes 5 different candies
  • 1152 hours to Master Candy Machine
  • 120000 coins to build

Soup Kitchen

  • 3 products to make
  • 115000 coins to build
  • Ready at level 46
  • 1152 hours to achieve Master Soup Kitchen

Sauce Maker

  • Unlocks at level 54
  • Makes 4 different soups
  • 135000 coins to build
  • 1152 hours to become Master Soup Kitchen

Sushi Bar

  • 3 different cold fish to serve
  • Unlocks at level 56
  • 150000 coins to build
  • 1152 hours to become Master Sushi Bar

The Salad Bar

  • 3 different salads to make
  • Unlocks at level 58
  • Costs 165000 coins to build
  • 1152 hours to Master Salad Bar

Each of the 20 production buildings described above is a money maker. Use the information provided here to make your Hay Day farm the best around and a lot more profitable and fun to operate.

Today is a good day to do a little farming!


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Published Mar. 5th 2014

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