ARK Guide: How to Find and Tame Hyaenodon in Patch 258

The best, most infallible way to passively tame a Hyaenodon in ARK: Survival Evolved PC Patch 258.

ARK: Survival Evolved PC Patch 258 introduced a new tamable canine called the Hyaenodon. They're often found roaming in stat-boosted packs around mountainous and redwood regions of the Island, tearing their sharp fangs into whatever prey they can overwhelm. If you're hoping to tame a pack of your own, however, you should know that they don't take too kindly to being knocked out and force fed.

Rather, the only way to tame a Hyaenodon is to coax it away from the leader of the pack and shower it with love and affection until it turns cloaks -- just like that puppy in your local pet store. The only issue is these pups are skittish and will take off if you try to get too cozy.

So if petting it is the only way to tame it and it runs away when you get too close, then how are you supposed to tame it? It's simple, actually, with a bit of prep work.

How to Tame the Haeynodon in ARK SE

There are two ways you can realistically go about your preparations for taming a Haeynodon:

1. Build a taming room to keep them from running away.

Either opt to use walls or build the fences high, since the Hyaenodon is capable of jumping low-fenced enclosures. Make sure you also have at least a Pteranodon tamed, saddled, and ready to fly in order to pick up the little rascals and drop them in your taming room. You may even want a spyglass so that you don't have to dismount if you want to be picky about which one you're taking home.

2. Sneak up on 'em

Alternatively, you could craft the Ghillie Armor set to more easily sneak up on the Hyaenodon without spooking it. Even with this method, though, a saddled Pteranodon is still recommended to carry it away from the pack leader and any potential predators.

Once you're good and ready, it's time to locate the Hyaenodon you'll be taming.

Where to Find Hyaenodon in ARK

It goes without saying that spawn locations will vary from map to map. However, there are a few good spots on the Island, the Center, and Scorched Earth that we can point you towards.

  • The Island has a couple of locations where Hyaenodon normally spawn:
    • Around the Redwood Forest area near the center of the map, at the base of the Red Peak
    • Up in the mountains on the North-East corner of the map
  • Check the Center on the Center map. You know how the map is named after a fantastical landmark off in the West? Yeah, go there.
  • On the Scorched Earth DLC map, check the Low Desert in the South-Eastern corner of the map.

If you're on a custom or procedurally generated map, simply hop on your Pteranodon and edge out the map until you spot some. Hyaenodon tend to travel in packs, so they shouldn't be too difficult to locate. Once you've found the one you want, clutch it in your flying mount's talons and bring it back to a safe spot for taming.

Ready. Set. Tame!

ARK Survival Evolved Hyaenodon Taming Location Guide

The trick to taming a Hyaenodon is to sneak up to it, pet it, and back away before you spook it -- then repeating this every 30 seconds until it trusts you. However, this can be a huge pain in the rear since it's easily spooked.

If you took the time to prepare, though, you should be all set. Drop it in the taming room to completely trivialize the entire process. Otherwise, the Ghillie Suit works just fine, so long as you crouch to approach and back away immediately after you pet it.

If you're running into problems while taming, check to make sure you didn't pick up the pack leader. If you did, go find a new one -- because wild alphas cannot be tamed.

Congratulations on taming your first Hyaenodon -- don't forget to give it plenty of affection! Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more guides on Patch 258 and all things ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Published Jul. 19th 2017

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