Hay Day Guide: The Levelling System

Understanding the levelling system included with Hay Day is half the battle to success playing this fun and challenging video game.

Playing Hay Day is challenging and fun, but understanding the leveling system in the game is confusing for some players.

Here we talk about the Hay Day levelling system. We’ll provide information for gamers on the amount of experience points they need to make levels 1-10, including the maximum number of fields and the things farmers get upon achieving each level. We'll cover the other levels and the things required in future articles.

The leveling system in Hay Day is based upon experience, which players get by selling goods to people coming by the farm, harvesting crops, crafting sellable stuff, filling boat orders and other tasks.

Players receive blue stars, which fills up their experience bar at the top of the screen. Click on the level star, or another player’s, to take a look at available statistics for a player.

Level 2

  • Players need 7 experience to make level 2 playing Hay Day
  • At this point you still only have 6 fields maximum
  • You’ll unlock the ability to grow corn and the Bakery upon reaching this level. You can make bread and will receive 85x coins for making this level

Level 3

  • Players need 14 experience to achieve this Hay Day level
  • Gamers unlock the Feed Mill and can have a maximum of 9 fields
  • You’ll get a diamond for making level 3

Level 4

  • You need 30 experience to reach level 4 playing Hay Day
  • You can have a maximum of 9 fields
  • For making this level you get a diamond and saw to use around the farm

Level 5

  • Once you gain 50 experience you reach level 5 playing Hay Day
  • Your farm can have a maximum of 12 fields at this level
  • Farmers can grow soybean and receive a diamond for making this level

Level 6

  • Upon reaching 220 experience you reach level 6 on Hay Day
  • You still have a maximum of 12 fields
  • You unlock the Cow Pasture, get a cow, and 5x Cow Feed
  • Can make dairy products, like milk and cream

Level 7

  • Players need 370 experience to reach level 7 playing Hay Day
  • Receive 3x Sugarcane and a diamond
  • You can have a maximum of 15 fields
  • Unlock Roadside Shop and Sugar Mill
  • Can make corn bread and brown sugar

Level 8

  • 490 experience is needed to reach level 8 playing Hay Day
  • Receive a saw, popcorn pot, keg and diamond for achieving this level
  • Can produce Dahlias and popcorn
  • You can have up to 15 fields in production

Level 9

  • You need 790 experience to reach level 9 in Hay Day
  • You get a BBQ Grill to cook with and 3x Carrots
  • Can make butter, pancakes
  • Can grow Daisies
  • You can have a maximum of 18 fields

Level 10

  • Collect 960 experience to make level 10 playing Hay Day
  • You get 3x Pig Feed, a pig and 2 diamonds
  • Unlock Pig Pen
  • You can have up to 18 fields in production
  • Produce bacon and cookies

You now know how much experience you need to make it to level 10 the bonuses and things you unlock along the way.

In the future I will provide additional guides on Hay Day to improve your farming skills and the production of your farm. Good farming!

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Published Jun. 29th 2017

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