Pokemon Home Points Explained: What are They?

Pokemon Home Points are a bit confusing at first. We explain what they do, and how to possibly obtain more of them.

Pokemon Home Points can seem pretty confusing and arbitrary at first. How do you get them, and what are they even doing there?

Using them is actually pretty simple in practice. Finding them? Not so much. These Pokemon Home Points are awarded for doing various tasks in Pokemon Home, though it isn't clear exactly which tasks dole them out, due to what seems like a built-in delay.

What are Pokemon Home Points?

Pokemon Home awards you points during your time spent in the app. It isn't entirely clear how you get them, and even Nintendo's description is vague. But there are a few possibilities.

  • Completing Challenges
  • Fulfilling Wonder Trades, Room Trades, Friend Trades (Not GTS Trades*)
  • Populating your Pokemon Home Boxes with 'mon

* = We didn't see any results when we tried this.

Once again, it seems that whenever you do anything in Pokemon Home, you have a chance to earn some Pokemon Home Points.

You may not immediately see the new points in your account for a certain action, which makes it all the more confusing to try and figure out where these points are coming from.

That said, you'll inevitably rack up points by using Pokemon Home to store your Pokemon and trade for new ones. Most challenges are completed this way anyhow, which leaves a very small margin of error for just tripping on these things by using the app over time.

Once you've racked up 30 of these Pokemon Home Points, you can turn them into BP, or Battle Points, a type of endgame currency that lets you buy high-end items in Pokemon titles including Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.


That's the skinny on Pokemon Home Points, or rather what we know of them so far! If you're just starting your Pokemon adventures on Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out our comprehensive collections of tips articles on the series' latest big release, as well as the Let's Go games and the augmented reality mobile entry.

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Published Feb. 14th 2020

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