GTA 5 Online Contract DLC: How to Get All New Cars

If you want to know how to get all 17 new cars in GTA 5 Online Contract DLC, then follow our guide right here.

Wondering how to get all of the new cars in the GTA 5 Online DLC update, The Contract? There are 17 to get in total. Some can be purchased right away, while others can only be unlocked by completing weekly events and certain missions.

This GTA 5 Online guide for The Contract DLC will explain how to get all new cars. It is important to note that there are only a few hypercars in The Contract DLC, which makes it one of the most affordable updates for all vehicle enthusiasts.

How to Get All New Cars in GTA 5 Online Contract DLC

All Purchasable New Cars

There are seven new cars that can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports or Southern San Andreas Super Autos right from the beginning.

Car Name
Astron Pfister SUV $1,580,000
Buffalo STX Bravado Muscle Car $2,150,000
Champion Dewbauchee Super Car $2,995,000
Cinquemila Lampadati Luxury Sedan $1,740,000
Deity Enus Luxury Sedan $1,845,000
Ignus Pegassi Hyper Car $2,765,000
Jubilee Enus SUV $1,650,000


All New Mission Cars in The Contract

Vapid Youga Custom

  • Class/Type: Civilian Van

This van is based on the Ford Econoline cargo van featured during the end of the "Short Trip" mission. It belongs to Lamar Davis, the owner of LD Organics business.

Unfortunately, the vehicle gets burned down at the end of the mission, when Lamar drives it right into the Tequi-La-La nightclub at Vinewood. But now you can restore it to its former glory.

Maibatsu Mule

  • Class/Type: Commercial Box Truck

This cargo truck appears throughout The Contract DLC, typically around nightclubs and delivery spots.

All New Event Weeks Cars in The Contract

The rest of the vehicles will be unlocked each during the upcoming event weeks.

Car Name
Comet S2 Cabrio Pfister Spyder Car
Reever Western Motorcycle Company Custom Bike
Shinobi Nagasaki Sport Bike
Zeno Överflöd Hyper Car
Baller ST Gallivanter SUV
Granger 3600LX Declasse SUV
I-Wagen Obey SUV
Patriot Mil-Spec Mammoth SUV


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Published Dec. 17th 2021

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