How to Play Tiny Racers in GTA 5

The Tiny Racers game mode in GTA 5 offers triple cash and RP right now. Here's how to play it.

Tiny Racers is one of GTA Online's many adversary modes, added into the game as part of the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update in April of 2017.

This particular game mode brings back the bird's eye view of classic Grand Theft Auto, with all the chaos of GTA 5 races you know and love. But fall too far behind and your car will combust. This guide will walk you through getting this type of race up and running.

How to Play Tiny Racers in GTA 5

To begin, pause the game and scroll over to the Online tab, then choose Play Job. Select Rockstar Created, then Adversary Mode to reveal a long list of game modes to play from. This list is ordered alphabetically, so scroll down to the T's to find Tiny Racers. There will be seven in total to choose from.

GTA 5 Tiny Racers Modes

These seven races are detailed here, so choose whichever one seems most interesting to you. Each will required two to four players to start, and all take place on floating raceways above Los Santos:

  • Tiny Racers I: Takes place above Downtown and uses the Dinka Jester.
  • Tiny Racers II: Above Vespucci Beach, every player in this race will use the Karin Kuruma.
  • Tiny Racers III: This race is over Sandy Shores, and racers use the BF Injection.
  • Tiny Racers IV: Over Elysian Island, players use the Pfister Comet Retro Custom.
  • Tiny Racers V: Players each race an Obey Omnis, over the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Tiny Racers VI: Takes place over Mount Chiliad and uses the Declasse Drift Tampa.
  • Tiny Racers VII: Uses the BF Bifta and takes place over a large area of Los Santos.

Simply select whichever race you think sounds the most fun and confirm that you want to start that job. You will be put into a lobby and once you have enough players for the race to begin, you'll be put onto the track.

Now, the objective isn't to beat the other players to the finish line. Instead, you want to be the last man standing by destroying all of the other racers.

You can make use of powerups spread out through the course, similar to kart racing games, to kill your opponents. Alternatively, you can get someone to fall so far behind the leader that they get automatically blown up as a result. Don't let that be you, though.

GTA 5 Tiny Racers Powerups

There are seven powerups in Tiny Racers:

  • Bomb: The bomb powerup can be dropped behind you, and after it detonates, will destroy any nearby vehicles.
  • Rocket: Rockets can be fired either forward or backward in a straight line and will obliterate anything they contact.
  • Turrets: Two turrets will be mounted to the front of the vehicle for five seconds, inflicting damage on anything you hit.
  • Control Reversal: The braking/acceleration controls of all other races will be switched for ten seconds.
  • Nagasaki Shotaro: Your vehicle will be transformed into a Nagasaki Shotaro bike for five seconds, leaving a trail of light behind you that will destroy anyone who crashes into it, like in Deadline.
  • BF Ramp Buggy: Your vehicle will transform into a BF Ramp Buggy, meaning any vehicle you ram from behind will be launched upward and can be thrown off-course.
  • Ruiner 2000: Your vehicle is transformed into a Ruiner 2000 and you have full control of its functions, such as the parachute and rockets, for ten seconds.

Being the last man standing will net you a single point, and the tracker in the bottom right will show you how many points are needed to win.

This is certainly one of GTA 5's most unique game modes, and offers triple cash and RP at the time of writing this. While this mode isn't going anywhere, it's definitely worth playing ASAP anyway. Check out our other GTA 5 guides here on GameSkinny.


Published Sep. 6th 2021

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