Dark Souls 3 Guide: Show Your Humanity and Find the Purging Monument

How to show your humanity and find the Purging Monument in The Ringed City DLC for Dark Souls 3.

So you're running around The Ringed City DLC for Dark Souls 3 and you finally open the shortcut that wraps back around to the Ringed City Streets bonfire. While basking in the relief of finding safety once again, you notice an odd engraving on the wall. "Show your humanity."

If you're a Hollow carrying around the Dark Sigil like yours truly, you might have tried using a Purging Stone or the Untrue Dark Ring -- only to find out that neither of those properly show your humanity.

Playing online only serves to further befuddle, since the template messages people place mention items, sorcery, and mimicry as the secret to solving this puzzle. Naturally, a good sorcerer would then pull out the Chameleon spell only to find out that it turns you into a statue. What's a heap of Unkindled Ash to do?

How to Show Your Humanity and Find the Purging Monument in The Ringed City

If you've played around with the Chameleon sorcery enough, you'll know that the location you decide to cast the spell effects what you'll transform into. Pull out your trusty weapon and take a walk outside and down the stairs. Kill the magical bug and firmly plant your feet in the murky swamp.

While standing in the swamp, pull out your catalyst and cast the Chameleon spell to turn into a humanity sprite straight out of the first Dark Souls DLC. If you don't have the spell or the Intelligence to cast it, you can use a Young White Branch to achieve the same effect.

Now that you're a floating fragment of the dark soul of man, head back inside and show your humanity to the engraving -- and watch as a ladder drops down before your beady white eyes.

Now that the ladder is unlocked, the Purging Monument is only a hair's breadth away. Climb the towering ladder to the rather dangerous area above, which hosts two ringed knights and a screeching giant. Run past the giant and down the stairs.

You can see the Purging Monument -- a towering heap of bodies -- from here. Simply slide down the ladder and cross the nearby bridge to reach it. This statue offers the same services as the Velka Statue found in the Undead Settlement.

Now that you've found the blasted thing, you can go tell Lapp where to find it since he's so intent on searching for it. To find him, simply head out into the swamp from the Ringed City Streets bonfire, crossing the archway where headless giants spawn, and rounding the corner to your left to come face to face with a ladder.

Climb the ladder, head up the stairs, cross the bridge, and follow the path back to a circular room where you'll find Lapp lamenting his inability to find the Purging Monument. Clue him in to continue his questline.

I hope you didn't go Hollow trying to figure out how to show your humanity. While you're here, how about kindling our comments section below? And if you need more help, check out our other guides for The Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls 3

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Published Mar. 29th 2017

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