Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: The Final Chapter

Find out how to defeat the evil lady in this guide to Little Nightmares.

If you’ve come to this chapter, it means that you are at the very end of Little Nightmares. This last bit of the game answers some of the questions, and also hints on the possible sequel. Either way, follow this last guide if you want to know how to kill the evil geisha lady.

Little Nightmares Chapter 5: The Lady’s Quarters Walkthrough

From the elevator go to the right and ascend the stairs. Enter the room through the open doors and sneak behind the singing lady into the next room. You should see a white-blue vase at the bed -- go ahead and break it, you will find a key inside.

Go back down the stairs and open the locked door. Run through a series of dark rooms to the very end. You will see a small mirror standing on the nightstand -- take it and return to the previous room. The evil lady will try to attack you, but the mirror will protect you.

This will take some time so be patient. Keep using the mirror as your shield until it breaks. After a very disturbing cutscene, the game will be over. This ends the final chapter of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Ending Explained

The vessel where the events of the game take place is a nightmarish sanatorium for creatures who desire to satiate their hunger… by consuming a lot of meat. Judging by the amount of old shoes, clothes and trunks found on the ship, it’s a human meat.

The protagonist of the game, a little girl named Six, tries to break free from this awful place. But first she must confront the owner of the vessel -- Geisha. The girl must use a mirror to deflect the powers of Geisha, and after defeating her, Six takes her powers.

This allows her to find the way out of the ship without any fear of the gluttonous passengers. The only question remains: How will Six use her newly found powers? Will she use it for good or bad things?


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Published May. 4th 2017

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